How To Decrease Salt Content In Caviar

How To Decrease Salt Content In Caviar

by Nikolai Nikitenko December 19, 2017

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Caviar Pie

Caviar Pie

by Nikolai Nikitenko June 15, 2016

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Global Seafoods' best caviar recipes

When people hear the word caviar, most think of tiny, glossy eggs perched atop a petite silver spoon. Or perhaps they picture an elaborate table full of appetizers all surrounding the small serving dish of caviar and crackers. While these are both accurate caviar images, there's so much more you can do with this elegant treat. Read on to find some of our favorite caviar dishes to expand your options for caviar enjoyment. There's a large number of black caviar recipes and red caviar recipes, including popular salmon roe recipes, both American and Russian. Check back often for newly added ones!

How to serve caviar

Traditionally, caviar is served as an appetizer in a small dish or bowl with a tiny spoon. Guests are expected to spoon small amounts onto various crackers, breads, or other serving vessels and simple nibble. There's a great variety of sauces and spreads that usually go with the crackers, bread, and serving vessels, and the presentation of both red and black caviar is truly a sight to behold. However, there's so much more you can do with caviar, ranging from simple to more complex!

A sample list of caviar recipe ideas:

  • Caviar pie
  • Caviar pâté
  • Atop poached eggs
  • Stuffed in potatoes or other veggies
  • Atop or mixed into soups and stews
  • Turned into a sauce or spread
  • Garnish for a variety of dishes
  • In a seafood salad
  • Caviar pizza

And there's so much more! People are often afraid to stray too far from the expected serving methods, fearing the cost if it doesn't turn out tasty. But we believe it's very hard to go wrong with caviar, thanks to its unique taste and special properties. Be brave; try something new! No matter how you decide to serve caviar at your next event, your guests will be impressed.

Types of caviar

There are two main types of caviar you should consider. Black caviar and red caviar both have flavor profiles unique to their types, and even within those types you'll find variation of flavor based on where the fish was raised and how the caviar was processed.

Black caviar is considered a truly classy treat. These will mostly come from sturgeon (such as Beluga and Ossetra), which many breeds are now professionally farmed instead of caught wild. Unlike some seafoods, however, being farmed in a good thing in the case of sturgeon caviar. Since sturgeons live such a long time, out in the wild they can get into some questionable situations and end up eating some unsavory things. All that bad news equals lower quality caviar. Farmed sturgeon, on the other hand, are fed only the best foods, swim in the cleanest water, and live a healthy life. This translates to the most exquisite caviar you'll ever have. Because of the manpower that goes into farming sturgeon, the price for black caviar will be higher than red. We think it's definitely worth it.

Red caviar is the roe from salmon, usually caught in the Pacific and Atlantic areas. If you're a fan of sushi, you'll immediately recognize these large, crimson pearls from your favorite sushi rolls or atop steamed white rice. Salmon roe is a huge favorite for sushi and other Asian dishes. Red caviar comes with a lower price tag than black, typically, but you're still getting a wonderful treat.

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