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Seafood Salads

April 28, 2020

seafood market

Salads with Seafood 

Eating seafood is one of the best ways to meet your daily lean protein requirements. Meal prepping is a hugely popular way to plan your weekly meals and lunches to ensure you're meeting your needs and incorporating healthy food choices into your diet. Salads are one of the easiest things to pack ahead of time. If you're growing bored with chicken or cold cuts on your weekly salads, we can show you some creative ways to include salads with seafood into your weekly meal planning. Not only are seafood salads healthy and delicious, but they can help you avoid food boredom and stay on track!  

Whether you're looking for salads to serve with seafood entrees, or seafood to serve on top of a salad, we've got some creative ideas for salads with seafood

Let's start with the classics! 

Salads that Go with Seafood

Before you decide to get too creative with your salads with fish recipes, think back to the last time that you had a simple caesar salad. 

Caesar's salads are uncomplicated, with only a few ingredients readily available. Some fresh romaine lettuce, shaved parmesan cheese, and caesar dressing are the building blocks of a classic salad. 

Instead of topping your Caesar's salad with grilled chicken, change it up with some seafood. Here are a few of our favorite Caesar's salads with fish:


  • Caesar's salads with smoked salmon
  • Caesar's salads with crab meat
  • Caesar's salads with grilled shrimp
  • Caesar's salad with calamari

You can cook these fish ahead of time and serve them cold with your salads. Caesar's salads are one of our favorite salads to serve with fish. We recommend that you store your salad and fish separately and combine them just before serving. Caesar salads with fish recipes are made even better with a sprinkle for fresh lemon juice or served with lemon wedges. 

Easy Homemade Caesar Dressing:


  • One Cup of mayonnaise 
  • Two cloves of garlic minced
  • One teaspoon of anchovy paste, Optional but delicious! 
  • Juice from one lemon
  • One teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce
  • One teaspoon of Dijon
  • Salt and pepper to taste 


  1. In a small bowl, combine the garlic, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, anchovy paste, and Dijon mustard. Whisk thoroughly to combine. 
  2. Add the mayo and salt and pepper to taste and whisk until well combined. 
  3. Store in an air-tight container. This dressing should keep for up to a week.

Best Salads with Salmon 

Salmon, like shrimp, is the kind of seafood that is excellent when served both hot and cold. Salmon is often the first choice for seafood eaters who want a salad with seafood on top. Salmon lends itself to a variety of salad combinations. We have a few favorite salads to serve with salmon


Best Salads with Salmon: 

  • Greek Salad with Salmon
  • Southwest Salad with Salmon and Corn Salsa
  • Asian Salmon Salad with Mandarin Oranges. 
  • Cucumber Salad with Salmon on Top.
  • Cold Smoked Salmon Salad

Salmon is high in lean protein and stores very well in the refrigerator when made ahead of time. Salmon is delicious served cold, so it's perfect for eating with salads. Pack salads to go with salmon for a delicious and healthy lunch you can enjoy at work or at home. 

Cucumber Salad with Salmon Recipe: 

Cucumber salads are surprisingly tasty when combined with leftover or cold salmon. The salad dressing creates a quick pickled cucumber salad that compliments the flavors of citrus grilled salmon. Enjoy this salad for dinner or pack it for a refreshing to-go lunch. 



  • One fillet of leftover grilled salmon, chilled
  • 1/4/-1/2 lbs. of English cucumber. Thinly sliced lengthwise. 
  • One scallion thinly sliced. 
  • One teaspoon of chopped fresh parsley.
  • Two teaspoons of minced red onion
  • Two teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil.
  • One teaspoon of fresh lemon juice
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Wash and thinly slice your cucumber lengthwise. 
  2. Combine the cucumber slices with chopped parsley, red onion, and scallions and set aside. 
  3. In a small bowl, combine olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Stir to combine
  4. Drizzle lemon dressing over the cucumber slices and stir gently to combine. 
  5. Top cucumber salad with cold salmon and enjoy! 

 For the best flavor, combine the salad dressing with the cucumber mixture a few minutes before serving to allow the cucumber slices to quick pickle before eating. You can substitute red wine vinegar to lemon juice for a stronger quick pickle. 

Salads with Tuna:

We're not talking canned tuna here. A beautifully cooked Ahi tuna steak is lovely atop a bed of mixed greens. Salads with tuna fish are chock full of protein and healthy omega-three fatty acids. Tuna is a mild-flavored fish that blends with a variety of flavors. If you're looking for something a bit heartier to fill you up and get you through your day, try pasta salads with tuna for the perfect balance of carbs and protein to keep you energized and productive throughout the day. 


Tuna pasta salads whip up quickly and store very well. Something as simple as cold pasta mixed with your favorite vinegar-based salad dressing served with leftover tuna makes a well-balanced and satisfying meal. Toss in some roughly chopped veggies (whatever you have on hand is fine) for some added crunch and nutrition. 

Crab Salads:

Crab is high in protein and rich in B vitamins and selenium. Mayo-based crab salads are easy to make and delicious served for lunch or dinner. Next time you serve crab legs for dinner. Don't feel bad if you fill up before you can finish all of your crab. Saved your leftover crab for easy crab salad recipes. Crab stores well in the refrigerator and serves up nicely as a cold crab salad. 



Lobster Salads: 

Not quite as healthy, we couldn't leave without touching on this decadent and indulgent treat. The next time you have a lobster boil, set aside a few extra lobsters to create a yummy leftover lobster salad. 


A classic New England summer lunch special, lobster salad piled high on a thick hoagie roll is a delicious and filling meal. Red lobster salads are not complicated to make and don't have to be expensive when you make them right at home. 

Lobster Salad Roll Recipe: 


  • One lb. of leftover cooked lobster meat cut into large chunks.
  • 4-6 tablespoons of mayo. Some people prefer a lobster salad with heavy mayo, and some people prefer light mayo. 
  • One tablespoon of lemon juice.
  • 1/2 cup of celery diced. 
  • Salt and pepper to taste. 


  1. Combine your lobster with the celery, mayo, lemon juice, and salt and pepper. Fold gently to combine. 
  2. Serve your lobster salad over a bed of mixed greens or piled high on a fresh sub roll for a New England style lobster salad roll.  

Seafood salads are a great way to add more lean protein and fresh vegetables to your diet. Don't be afraid to try different types of seafood on top of salads. You might just find a new favorite!