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Smoked Snow Crab Legs

January 29, 2020

Snow crab legs

Smoked Crab Legs

I really like smoked foods. Beef, pork, chicken, tomatoes, cheese, fish, you name it, I enjoy it. Using a smoker, you can really bring out the flavors of whatever you’re eating while adding a distinct and delicious smoky taste. It’s really pretty easy too, and generally a low effort way to make a lot of food.


As such, it’s great for parties. I decided I was going to do crab purely based on my own preferences; I really like the soft meat and that it goes well with butter. I knew right from the get go I would be smoking it, so the first real choice I had was king crab vs snow crab. The reason I had snow crab on the brain goes back to my college days. I used to go fishing for crab, putting my trap down at the docks. It was nothing crazy but I made some decent cash doing it and got some really good crabs. I used to wonder about tanner crab vs snow crab, but getting into the trade made me realize they’re actually the same thing. It pays to read up.


Back then, we got some pretty good parties after snow crab legs season. Lotta good crab for the taking led to a lot of good crab being cooked. That helped me rule out Dungeness crab, too; I knew right off the bat it would be too small and easily overheat, a problem when you’re making huge batches like I was. I doubt any of you will run into that, not having my massive smoker… but never mind that. Those parties taught us a lot about what did and did not work for making crab; what I learned through trial and fire, I hope to give to you just by reading this article. Trust me, it’s worth your time- and it’ll save you money.


So, after realizing that king crabs would be too big to really soak in the flavor, I settled on smoked snow crab legs. I briefly debated snow crab legs on the grill, because those are pretty good too, but stayed my course. Why is that? Well, snow crabs were just the right size for what I wanted to do. I worried that king crab would be a little too big, so much so that the meat doesn’t absorb all the flavor before it’s done cooking. King crab is great, but for what I had in mind, snow crab was the better option. To boot, after checking the snow crab market price, the choice was easy. King crab legs vs snow crab legs, price wise, is no contest. Especially since there were some snow crab legs for sale near me. Saved me a pretty penny and let me contribute to a small business; however, most of the time, I order snow crab legs online. I find it’s a lot more convenient and consistent, guaranteeing a specific quantity with no awkward race home before it spoils in the back of my car.


With my plan established, I cracked my knuckles and got started on my snow crab recipe. First, a 30 lb box of snow crab legs. I was cooking for a pretty big group, after all. Since I was making so much, I knew I would need to scale up the recipe; for you guys, I’ll give you the regular, 10-lb version, which is a little more manageable. I got my three pounds of butter, a weird look from the grocer, and five lemons. The rest I had at home: a spice called Old Bay, which originated in the Chesapeake Bay of Maryland. I spent about eight years there and got a really big appreciation for that amazing flavor, and it’s used in this recipe. If you really want to you can swap it for a generic crab boil, but the Old Bay adds a really solid flavor complement.

While I was letting the snow crab cook, I had some time to look up stuff like snow crab nutrition facts. Like most seafood they’ve got a lot of Omega-3s. Crab is also a good source of selenium, containing pretty much everything you’ll need in one meal. Fresh snow crab legs are also a great source of B12 and folate, which can help make you feel less tired. They’ve also got potassium and protein, which never hurt. But my favorite part is the total lack of natural sugars. See, a lot of healthy foods have some amount of sugar in them since usually they’re a vegetable. But, with seafood, I don’t have to have that sugar in there to get what I need. This matters a lot to me since I have a family history of diabetes, and I would like to avoid that. After I finished my reading, I was done cooking snow crab clusters and ready to serve with the recipe I’m about to share.

Everybody was impressed with the size of the colossal snow crab legs. Snow crab images just don’t do them justice; they may not be as hulking as king crab, but they’re no slouch in size, enough that I was originally wondering if I had underestimated for the recipe. Lucky me- it was perfect. The flavor had perforated the meat end to end, giving the whole thing an amazing and iconic flavor that’s hard for me to put into words. I wrote that down for next time. The taste really stood out to my partygoers, who were unilaterally impressed and many of them commented on it, asking me where I bought the seasoning for it. I bought it in the school of hard knocks with effort and time, pal.

Plus, once I relayed what I knew about snow crab nutrition information, everyone was surprised to learn that something so delicious could be so healthy, and even pretty low calorie; the number of calories in snow crab, 3 ounces of it, is 74. We ate the whole night, and the crab was good even towards the end of it; for those wondering how many snow crab legs in a pound, the answer is 8-9. Depends a bit on crab size but generally that’s the number. Now, every time it’s super bowl season again, I keep my eye out for the next snow crab legs sale. Alternatively I could buy my snow crab wholesale, which is a lot more convenient, and probably what I’ll do next time for my own sanity. After all, ordering online lets me get stuff done around the house and keeps me from going insane.

How to Cook Snow Crab

First, you’ll want to get together all your ingredients. You’ll need all of the following and about forty minutes of your time:

-10 pounds of fresh or frozen Snow Crab Legs.

- 1lb Real Butter (melted)

- 2 Tablespoons BBQ Rub.

- 1 Tablespoon Dried Parsley

- ½ teaspoon Old Bay seasoning

- Juice from 1 ½ lemons

Note: if you decide to go with frozen, make sure you set them in the fridge far enough in advance for them to thaw out. This is going to depend on your fridge and freezer settings, but generally you’ll want to do it overnight or eight hours before you want to start cooking. Make sure you don’t get caught with your pants down

As you can tell from my story, I had to upscale a lot. Some of you have noticed the barbeque rub. Trust me when I say it’s not that crazy in practice. The barbeque rub is part of what makes this recipe so delicious and iconic. First, set out two pans, one small and one large. Mix everything but the crab and pour it into the smaller pan. Then, put one set of legs into it, flip it, and toss it into the bigger pan. Do this until you run out of crab legs, and SAVE YOUR EXTRA SAUCE!

For the smoker, get it up to 250. Preheat it and use a charcoal with a good flavor. Make sure it’s nice stuff, or you’ll get a gross flavor. Once they’re hot, add the wood of your choosing- I use cherry- then put all the crab legs in the smoker. Snow crab cooking time is thirty minutes. To get there, let the legs smoke for ten, and then baste them all. Let it smoke for another ten, do the same thing. Another ten minutes and the snow crab legs are done.

Take them off and put everything onto a platter. Boom, ready to serve. Snow crab legs don’t need to rest or anything, and are in fact best served piping hot. They’ll snap really easily and slide right out of the shell, so no utensils required for this easy, delectable dish.

BBQ Bay Snow Crab Flavors

This recipe is really easy and really good. It’s a smoky, buttery, and easily identifiable flavor. It’s great for surf and turf; serve this alongside a steak for a next level game at your party. The BBQ rub flavor allows for that to work; wings make a great side too. I like to serve them with corn on the cob, personally, but it’s all down to preference. Whatever your choice, you’re now armed with the skills and knowledge needed to make your smoked snow crab legs.

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