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Jonah Crab

Jonah Crab Cocktail Claws 10 lbs

Jonah crab cocktail claws are a statement piece at any dinner. The pre-cut claws look and feel impressive without the fuss of cracking and breaking crab claws.

Jonah Crab cocktail crab claws are the large crab claws of Jonah crabs with a similar flavor to Dungeness Crab, although they are slightly denser in texture. Jonah crabs are slightly smaller than stone crabs.

 Wild Jonah crab claws are fished off the East Coast of North American from Newfoundland to the Florida coast. Jonah Crab Claws are a sustainable seafood because of the crab's incredible ability to regrow lost claws. Fishers remove a claw and throw the crabs back in the ocean to regrow their claws! 


What are Jonah Crab Claws?

Jonah crabs are similar to stone crabs, although smaller in size. We generally do not eat Jonah crabs' bellies, but their large claws provide succulent and tender meat that is somewhat sweet tasting. Jonah crab claws are delicious by themselves or in any seafood recipe calling for crab meat. We love Jonah Crab Claws served cold with cocktail sauce! 

 Our Jonah crab claws are pre-cut and frozen for easy shipping and serving. Pre-cut frozen Jonah crab claws make it easier to serve your guests delicious crab claws without worrying about having enough tools to deal with their shells.  

Jonah crabs used to be considered a nuisance by lobster fishers who often found them in their lobster traps. Lobster fishers would ignore them in their traps or throw them back into the ocean.

Soon, however, as demand increased for different varieties of shellfish, lobster trappers started to bring their accidental Jonah crab catches to market. 

Jonah crab is not a swimming species of crab. They don't develop strong back muscles because they only crawl along the ocean floor, looking for prey. Because they don't have a lot of backfin meat, we don't consume their bellies, but only their claws. 

Commercial fishers found that while their bellies didn't have a lot of meat, the Jonah crab claws were large and full of tender and protein-rich crab meat. 

Jonah crab claws are red and white with dark black tips. By leaving the tips of shell on the claws, we protect the delicate and delicious claw meat while showcasing the beautiful presentation of pre-cut Jonah claws. 

Our wild Jonah crab claws are delicious served chilled or warm. 

Jonah crab claws are high in protein and low in fat, making them a healthy alternative to other meats when added to your weekly meal plans. When paired with healthy recipes and dipping sauces, Jonah crab claws are an excellent food choice.  

How to Serve Jonah Crab Claws:

Instead of serving a shrimp cocktail at your next dinner party, impress your guests with chilled Jonah crab claws served with a tangy cocktail sauce. Cold Jonah crab claws are tender and sweet with a firm texture your guests will love. 

Ways to Serve Jonah Crab Claws:
  • Jonah crab claws cocktail with tangy cocktail sauce and lemon wedges. 
  • Jonah crab claw salad
  • Jonah crab cakes
  • Jonah crab with dipping sauces
  • Beer steamed Jonah crab claws.
  • Jonah crab spring rolls. 
  • Baked Jonah crab dip. 

Pre-cut crab claws look beautiful chilled on a bed of lettuce and lemon wedges, but that's not the only way to use pre-cute crab claws. 

Fresh Jonah crab claw meat is delicious in a variety of seafood recipes but cracking and removing the crab shells can be cumbersome and painful. Pre-cute Jonah crab cocktail claws are much easier for you to remove handle while using crab in your favorite recipes. 

We professionally prepare and remove the bottom half of the claw shell for you while protecting the delicate crab claw tips by leaving the top half of the shell on. The top half is easily removed by hand. 

How to Thaw Jonah Crab Claws: 

Often when you think of eating crab, you think of hot and steamy crab meat dipped in melted butter or other delicious dipping sauces. But Jonah Crab is also excellent served cold. 

Jonah Crab claws are one of our favorite varieties of crab to serve cold with cocktail dipping sauces. 

For a meal or appetizer that will impress all of your senses, serve our pre-cute Jonah crab claws with the claw tip shells still on the meat. The visual of our pre-cut crab claws on a bed of lettuce with lemon wedges and other vegetables is impressive alone. But pair our crab claws with a variety of zesty dipping sauces and cocktail sauces, and you will take your Jonah crab claw appetizer to a whole new level. 

And the best part is that our Jonah crab Claw shells are easily removed without the need for lobster or crab cracking tools. 

To Thaw Jonah Crab Claws for Crab Claw Cocktail: 

  1. Defrost your Jonah crab claws in the refrigerator for a day before serving. 
  2. Serve cold over a bed of ice, lettuce, or other decorative vegetables. 
  3. Serve Jonah Crab cocktail with your favorite dipping sauces or cocktail sauces. 
  4. Jonah crab meat is excellent in cold crab salads or served cold with avocado and a spicy aioli. 

How Do Jonah Crab Claws Taste?

Jonah claws are flakey and dense. Jonah crab meat tastes slightly sweet. Wild Jonah crab claws can substitute almost any crab meat in crab recipes. Jonah crab claws are fantastic in soups, dips, stews, pastas, and even crab appetizers.  

Meal Ideas for Cocktail Crab Claws:

  • Steamed Jonah crab claws
  • Jonah Crab Cioppino 
  • Jonah crab with fettuccini and lemon
  • Jonah crab stuffed lobster tails. 
  • Jonah crab masala
  • Creamy seafood pasta with Jonah crab claws. 
  • Jonah crab claw scampi 
  • Lobster and Jonah crab enchiladas. 
  • Jonah Crab Bisque 
  • Jonah Crab Risotto
  • Jonah crab stuffed bell peppers. 

Feel free to substitute Jonah crab into any recipe calling for crab. Jonah crab is a versatile seafood that you can use in almost any seafood or crab recipe.  

Jonah Crab Vs. Stone Crab

Jonah crab is often confused for stone crab. Jonah crab looks similar to stone crab, but Jonah crabs are slightly smaller. Jonah crab are very similar in taste and texture to stone crab but at a somewhat more affordable price point. Seafood markets will often mix Jonah crab meat into their Dungeness or stone crab lump meat because the flavors are indistinguishable. 

Where to Buy Wild Jonah Crab Claws

Since the Jonah crab claws for sale are not part of a whole live crab, they are steamed and frozen to preserve the best flavor and texture. Otherwise, the crab meat would spoil rather quickly. Our fishers catch wild Jonah crab claws and process them immediately for the best flavor and texture. 

Where to find crab claws near me?  

At Global Seafoods, we make it easy to find fresh and delicious wild-caught seafood near you. Since we decided to specialize in online sales, we've streamlined our production process in order to bring you fast delivery of only the best seafood our oceans can offer. 

When you order pre-cut Jonah crab claws through us, they ship to you over dry ice so that we can guarantee that they will arrive still frozen at your door. Simply place them in your fridge or put them in your freezer for a later date.  

Our Jonah crab claws for sale are some of the most succulent and delicious tasting Jonah crab claws you can find. We've developed strong relationships with our fishers and trappers to guarantee the sustainably caught wild seafood ships right to your door. 

Our streamlined process allows us to offer you the lowest possible Jonah crab claws price based on availability and when they are in season. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to cook Jonah crab claws? 

Jonah crab claws are pre-cooked and frozen. To serve warm: 

  • Steam Frozen Jonah crab claws for 6 minutes per pound. 
  • For added flavor, try steaming Jonah crab claws in your favorite beer. 
  • Add chili flakes and garlic to your water or beer while cooking Jonah crab claws. 
  • Since they are pre-cooked, be sure not to overcook them, or they will become rubbery. You only need to re-heat the crab claws. 

For chilled Jonah crab claws, simply defrost them in the refrigerator for a day until you are ready to serve them cold in crab cocktail or cold crab salad. 


How to eat Jonah crab claws? 

Pre-cut Jonah crab claws are easy to deshell and serve. Simply pull the shell off of the claw tips and serve chilled. For warm crab claws, leave the shells on while reheating to steam the meat inside the shell. The shells protect the tender craw claw meat from the heat and act as a steamer for the crab claws. 

When ready to serve, you can pull the shells off of the claw tips and tip the crab claws in your favorite dipping sauces such as melted butter or spicy aioli. 

Jonah crab claws are delicious in almost any recipe that calls for crab meat. Try Jonah crab claws in pasta, crab cakes, and crab dips. 

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