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Bluefin Tuna Sashimi Grade 2 lbs

Fresh Bluefin Tuna Belly Cut - Otoro 2 lbs

Arrives chilled, never frozen.

(Thunnus thynnus)

Product of Spain

Overnight Shipment

Global Seafoods now offers Toro Bluefin Tuna with overnight shipping. For some of the most buttery and melt-in-your-mouth tuna you've ever had, you can't go wrong with this bluefin tuna. Wild-caught in the waters off the Spanish coastline, our fishers are meticulous with their techniques to ensure that your tuna is fresh and delicious. Our finishing families also ensure that the Atlantic Bluefin tuna populations are sustainably maintained for the future of the species. 

Bluefin tuna steaks are perfect for the sashimi and sushi lover in your life. The Bluefin tuna meat is the most beautiful deep red color. The soft, buttery texture and mild flavor make this one of the most expensive bluefin tuna in the world. And now you can buy this delicacy no matter how far you live from the Atlantic Ocean. Here at Global Seafoods, we make ocean delicacies available to anyone and everyone. 

Please note some time may be required to acquire product as it is fresh caught.  We will let you know immediately of any delays caused by fishing.

What is Giant Bluefin Tuna? 

Atlantic bluefin tuna is one of the largest and most magnificent species of tuna living in our world's oceans. Its muscular build makes it impressively fast and strong under the water. Bluefin tuna boasts a beautiful silver and blue color that makes them blend into their surroundings easily while hunting for prey. 

Fishers have made bluefin tuna records by catching bluefin approaching 550lbs and 6.5 ft in length! All that bluefin tuna weight translates into hundreds of pounds of succulent tuna for your dinner table. 

Our bluefin tuna hails from the Mediterranean Sea, one of the world's most crucial tuna fishing grounds. 

Cost of Bluefin Tuna

Our bluefin tuna for sale may not be the cheapest tuna you can buy, but we would argue it's some of the best tuna your money can buy. Unfortunately for the species, overfishing has been a problem in the past. Sustainable bluefin tuna fishing takes time and careful planning. We work with only the highest-quality fishers to ensure that they use best practices to get our bluefin tuna out of the ocean and to your table. We are proud to support the fishing families that genuinely care about ensuring these incredible fish don't go extinct. 

Our bluefin tuna price per pound reflects the care it takes to bring this incredible food to your door. Our fishers ensure that the tuna steaks are delicately packed  to give you the very best texture possible. Our tuna is packed and shipped carefully to get to you tasting the same way it did the day it left the ocean. 

Our bluefin tuna price may fluctuate depending on availability and the time of the year. Still, we will always try to bring you the best pricing possible for the highest-quality seafood. 

When you order from Global Seafoods, you can rest assured that you are getting sustainably fished and wild-caught seafood. We offer both frozen and fresh for your convenience. We have fast shipping to ensure your order arrives at your door fresh and delicious. For more information about our shipping timelines, please visit our shipping page. 

We offer flexible payment options and easy online ordering. You can visit our blog, news, and recipes pages for recipes and the latest seafood news. 

Customer Reviews

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