Mahi Mahi - Dolphin Fish: Individually Quick Frozen

Mahi Mahi  dolphin fish

Product Description:

  • Individually Quick Frozen (IQF)
  • Wild Caught Mahi Mahi Dolphin Fish
  • Imported From Peru
  • Vacuum Packed
  • 4 oz per Portions

Introducing the finest catch from the depths of the ocean, the Mahi Mahi - Dolphin Fish. Our wild-caught, individually quick frozen (IQF) Mahi Mahi fillets are imported all the way from Peru, ensuring the highest quality and freshness. Each portion is vacuum-packed for ultimate convenience, weighing approximately 6 oz.

A Taste of Delight:

Dive into the world of exquisite flavors with our Mahi Mahi - Dolphin Fish. Renowned for its firm flesh and sweet, mild taste, this delicacy is a true culinary delight. Whether you're a seafood connoisseur or just starting your aquatic journey, Mahi Mahi will captivate your taste buds.

From Ocean to Table:

We understand the importance of sourcing sustainable and responsibly caught fish. The Mahi Mahi fishing season runs from May through September, allowing us to bring you the finest selection of this delectable species. Our Mahi Mahi fillets are frozen to preserve their freshness, guaranteeing that you can savor the ocean's bounty all year round.

A Subtle Symphony of Flavors:

Mahi Mahi offers a lighter alternative to tuna, perfect for those seeking a milder taste profile without compromising on texture. Its consistency is akin to that of Ahi tuna, making it a versatile ingredient for various culinary creations. Grilled, baked, or pan-seared, the possibilities are endless with Mahi Mahi.

Dive into Nutrition:

Not only does Mahi Mahi tantalize your taste buds, but it also nourishes your body. Rich in vitamins and minerals, Mahi Mahi is a high-protein, low-sodium food that supports a healthy lifestyle. Each serving contains approximately 400 mg of omega-3 fatty acids, promoting heart health and aiding in cholesterol management. Additionally, Mahi Mahi is packed with niacin, potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and selenium.

Nutritional information can be provided upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where is the Mahi Mahi - Dolphin Fish imported from? A: Our Mahi Mahi fillets are imported from Peru, ensuring the highest quality and freshness.

Q: How are the Mahi Mahi portions packed? A: Each Mahi Mahi fillet is individually vacuum-packed for your convenience.

Q: When is the Mahi Mahi fishing season? A: The Mahi Mahi fishing season is from May through September, providing the best catch during this period.

Q: What is the flavor profile of Mahi Mahi? A: Mahi Mahi offers a sweet, mild flavor, often described as a lighter version of tuna.

Q: Is Mahi Mahi suitable for heart-healthy diets? A: Absolutely! Mahi Mahi is a low-sodium, high-protein fish that contains omega-3 fatty acids, making it an excellent choice for heart health and cholesterol management.


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  • Gourmet Cuisine
  • Culinary Delights


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Embark on a culinary voyage with our Mahi Mahi - Dolphin Fish. Individually quick frozen and imported from Peru, these fillets offer a mouthwatering experience with their firm flesh and mild, sweet flavor. Savor the ocean's finest, support your health, and indulge in the vibrant tastes of Mahi Mahi. Take your cooking to new depths today!

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