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Chum Salmon Fillet Portions 8 oz each

Chum Salmon Fillet - 

Oncorhynchus keta
  • Individually Quick Frozen (IQF)
  • Pin-Bone Out
  • Skin On.
  • Portion Size 8 oz.
  • Easy to Measured Out for Nutritional Plans.
  • Individually Vacuum Packed.
  • Wild Caught in Alaska
  • Minimum order 5 pounds
  • The Best Deal 10 pounds
  • Price start at $15 per pound

Chum Salmon Facts

What is Keta Salmon? One of the most commonly caught salmon in Alaska is the Chum Salmon, otherwise known as Keta.  Wild Chum Salmon can be caught throughout the Pacific Ocean and is highly prized for its meat and roe.  Used in many different recipes, Chum Salmon Fillets are a very popular for smoking as they are known to nicely absorb the flavors of the smoking without sacrificing too much of its own flavors.  Alaskan Chum Salmon has been fished for many hundreds of years, especially by the Native people of the Americas. The term Chum comes from the Chinook people's word tzum, which translates to "spotted", for the markings on the fish's back.  There are many great reasons to eat Wild Alaskan Chum Salmon, such as its great flavors and the many health benefits.  Chum Salmon meat is usually lighter than other salmon like Sockeye or King Salmon, but fresh chum salmon is still a great choice.  The flavor is not as strong as other salon as well, leaving some people to prefer the chum salmon taste due to their dislike of overly "fishy" flavors.

Chum Salmon Nutritional Facts

Salmon is known as one of the greatest superfoods in the world by doctors and nutritionists alike.  An average Chum Salmon Fillet can have a high amount of Lean Proteins and Omega 3 Fatty Acid.  Lean protein is a protein that is not filled with fats that increase you caloric intake and build up in your body.  Our body requires protein to strengthen muscles and to supply it with a great source of energy.  Omega 3 is considered to be a major vital choice nutrient that is required for a great deal of healthy body functions.  It is required for supporting brain function, skin health, eye health, heart health, muscle health and much more.  For these reasons and many more, eating Chum Salmon can be one of the best things you can do for your body!

How To Cook Salmon Fillets

If you are looking to cook salmon fillets then you will need a tasty recipe to go with your high quality salmon!  Our website has a collection of delicious seafood recipes, including dozens of recipes for salmon.  Get yourself a Chum Salmon Recipe on our blog or see what else you can cook up.  Follow the link below to see what you could be cooking.

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