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Sockeye Salmon Fillet Portions - 6 oz each

Sockeye Salmon Fillet - Oncorhynchus nerka

  • 10lb Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) Pin-Bone Out Skin On.
  • Portion Size 6 oz.
  • Easy to Measured Out for Nutritional Plans.
  • Individually Vacuum Packed.
  • Wild Caught

Sockeye Salmon Facts

Alaskan Sockeye Salmon is some of the most popular types of fish out of Alaska.  Fresh Sockeye Salmon comes from many different northern continents, but the best Sockeye is known to come from Alaska.  The name Sockeye comes from a local native tribe's language which translates to "Red Fish".  Sockeye Salmon season in Alaska and Canada range from late May to early September.  Fresh Sockeye Salmon has the reddest and some of the oiliest meat of any Salmon in the world.  Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon is considered to be one of the healthiest fish to have added to your diet by doctors around the world.  Red Sockeye Salmon is full of protein and Omega-3 that will keep you strong and running at your full potential.  Take the sockeye salmon taste test and see why many consider it the best.

We offer the best top-quality Sockeye Salmon fillet and after one taste we are sure you will agree. This salmon is caught throughout the North Pacific Ocean, especially in the chilly waters near Alaska. With a delicate buttery flavor, this succulent fish is highly prized for its tempting texture and beautiful orange-red color. 

Due to of our long history of quality and value, our customers trust us, that is why they buy sockeye salmon fillet right from this website and why we sell out very fast. Don't delay or you may miss out on the best per pound value for salmon anywhere online. With ten pounds of wild sockeye salmon in each box, every portion is the perfect weight of 8 ounces. This size is suitable for main dishes, side dishes, or snacks. Many of our customers also enjoy smoking this fish or mixing in pasta and soups. Try pan-seared, herb-crusted, sesame grilled, or flaked and sprinkled on a fresh garden salad. Paired with red wine, you can elevate this fish even higher. The culinary possibilities are endless, so act soon.

Sockeye Salmon Nutrition

We know that anyone seeking to buy sockeye salmon fillet for sale online knows its value and health benefits and will expect top-quality. With omega-3 fatty acids, EPA, and DHA, you are not only eating a delicious meal, but doing something good for your body as well. When your product is delivered frozen at the perfect temperature and you see the quality of our fish for yourself, you'll be glad you purchased from us.


Buy sockeye salmon fillets online from us today and we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Cook Sockeye Salmon

Do you know how to cook sockeye salmon?  There are so many great ways to prepare sockeye salmon, such as baked, fried or, grilled sockeye salmon.  That is only a small possibility of sockeye salmon recipes!  Visit our recipe page and see if you can find your next favorite sockeye salmon recipe! Become a master at sockeye salmon cooking!  What do you think is the best sockeye salmon recipe?  Share yours with us and try some of ours!  Try a new method to grilling sockeye salmon!  Follow the link below and see if you can't find your new favorite wild sockeye salmon recipes!


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