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Oscietra Sturgeon Caviar - 4oz (0.25 lbs)

Russian Sturgeon Platinum Grade - Acipenser gueldenstaedtii

Russian Oscietra Caviar is one of the most popular and best caviars on the market these days. Moreover, there are great reasons why it got a reputation as one of the most original and true caviars in the world. So what does it takes to be one of the finest caviars in the world and make it into the elite species of caviar?


First of all, the sturgeons that provide the caviar for our products are raised in the special farm in Italy. Even though it used to be more exotic since it's originally from the Caspian sea. Farm specialists came up with the best ways to salt the roe and keep it fresh after production, so we could experience a full flavor of its perfect taste. But there is more you need to know to buy Oscietra caviar:


  1. Along with the excellent flavor it provides great benefits for your health;
  2. It contains the daily recommended dose of Vitamin B12 and omega 3;
  3. It will be delivered in a small size tin weighing 4oz (113g);
  4. Its ingredients are Caviar, Salt & Sodium Tetraborate.


You cannot get the same quality Oscietra Caviar online for the same price anywhere else.  We truly believe in the quality of our products and we guarantee the satisfaction of all of our customers!

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