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Dover Sole Fillets - 10 lbs

Pacific Dover Sole Fillets - Microstomus pacificus

  • 10lb Fillets Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) Pin-Bone In, skin on.
  • Vacuum Packed.
  • Global Seafoods Brand.

Buy pacific dover sole fish from our website if you are looking for a versatile, delicious, deep water white fish at an incredible price. With our 30-day money-back guarantee, our price per pound on this popular fish is unbeatable anywhere else on the internet.

 Global Seafoods' pacific dover sole fillet has a delicate buttery flavor that lends itself well to many types of dishes. Baked, fried, and even grilled, this fish is healthy and tasty with a satisfying texture. As with most fish, wild Alaskan flounder has a host of health benefits and is a light, low-calorie protein option. Whether you are trying to eat better or are a long time fan of seafood, we are sure you will enjoy this product. Without a doubt, the top-quality pacific dover sole fillet for sale on our site is the best value on the internet.  

Order delicious dover sole fillets 

 This wild fish has a naturally wide range, and is caught between Baja California and as far north as Alaska. Thanks to our individual quick freezing to the perfect temperature, careful packaging, and expert handling, your fish will be delivered to your door at the peak of freshness and ready to be prepared any way you wish. A ten pound box is a perfect weight for immediate cooking and still having some saved in the freezer for later meals.

 We believe in our products and we're proud to say that our per pound price is unbeatable, so buy pacific dover sole fillet online from us and you will not be disappointed.

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