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Sea Urchin Uni 300g

Uni Roe - Sea Urchin, Fresh, Wild, West Coast, USA, Grade A (300g)

Arrives chilled, never frozen.

Shipments Overnight by Thursday (we get fresh product each Wednesday)

Global Seafoods now offers fresh, wild-caught sea urchin uni. Uni sushi comes from the spikey curious sea creature called the Sea Urchin. The sushi uni is the organ that produces the sea urchin roe or sea urchin eggs. It takes three whole adult sea urchins to produce one delicious tray of sea urchin uni. Each Sea Urchin has about five pieces of sea urchin uni. Our fishers harvest our sea urchin off the West Coast of Santa Barbara. 

At Global Seafoods, we prefer the delicious and mild flavor of the west coach sea urchin compared to the stronger flavor of the east coast sea urchin. 

What is Sea Urchin? 

Uni is an edible sea creature found throughout the world's oceans. There are over 900 different species of sea urchin around the globe. Sea urchins have black spiny hard shells. To the novice eye, a sea urchin does not look very edible. Buried inside this rigid outer shell is a seafood delicacy. The uni sushi comes from the organ which produces the roe or eggs of the female sea urchin. This uni food is naturally a yellow to bright orange color and looks almost like a tongue. Sea urchins are wild caught throughout the world. Scooba divers spend their time scouring the oceans floor for these delicious and unique creatures. 

In the oceans surrounding Korea, women called Haenyo (which translates into sea women) train their entire lives to dive to depths of over 50 feet to harvest sushi sea urchin uni. These women dive in cold waters and hold their breath for prolonged periods of time to help support their families. 

Our uni sea urchins are harvested by hand off the coast of Santa Barbara. We prefer the mild and delicate flavor of the west coast sea urchin to the more pungent fishy taste of east coast sea urchins found off the Atlantic seaboard. 

Sea urchins have a long lifespan. They can live anywhere from 50-100 years. Once sea urchins begin growing their spines, they have very few predators in the oceans. Only human divers and the occasional sea otter dare to temp a sharp poke to harvest the sea urchin for a delicious snack. 

We ensure that our sea urchin uni is sustainably harvested to make sure we can offer this delicious ocean delicacy for decades to come. 

A Sustainable Way to Eat Sushi Uni 

One of the most exciting things about sushi sea urchin is how sustainable it is. You can feel great about buying this ocean delicacy. The hand-harvesting process ensures that there are ZERO accidental by-catches. 

The process of diving for uni sea urchins is minimally invasive and does not disturb the marine habitats where sea urchins live.  

Throughout the 80s and 90s, fishers overfished sea urchin in the east coast waters of Maine. Most regulatory agencies recommend that you avoid sea urchins from the Atlantic Ocean until populations stabilize. Those same regulatory agencies list California and Canada as excellent alternatives for sea urchin uni. 

In addition to being more sustainable, west-coast uni sushi is larger, better tasting, and considered the world's best sea urchin uni! 

Eating Sea Urchin Uni: 

Sushi-grade sea urchin for sale has a mild flavor and a natural sweetness. Like oysters, the taste of sea urchins varies depending on where in the oceans they live. Sea Urchins get their flavor from the salty ocean water and the seaweed that they eat. The variability in flavor makes eating sea urchin even more exciting! You'll never stop being surprised by the taste of sea urchin sushi! 

Uni sea urchins have a creamy, almost custard-like texture. Many sea urchin lovers call uni the foie gras of the ocean for its similar texture and richness. 

Sushi uni is best when harvested early in the spawning season before all the eggs have developed. As the season goes on, the roe builds up in the uni, causing the uni sea urchin to become firm and less appetizing. March through November is the best time to enjoy delicious sea urchin uni. 

Our fresh sea urchin uni is minimally processed and stored in a saltwater brine to preserve the best flavor and texture possible. Our uni arrives to us on Wednesdays and ships to you overnight by Thursday. Our detailed and organized shipping process ensures you get the absolute freshest and most incredible tasting uni sushi possible. 

Health Benefits of Sea Urchin: 

 Uni sea urchin spend their lives feeding off sea kelp and other seaweeds. These seaweeds are rich in vitamins and minerals. Sea urchin uni is loaded with:

  •  protein
  • beta carotene,
  • zinc
  • omega-3 fatty acids
  • dietary fiber

Sea urchin is also rich in vitamins A and C. 

Sea urchin is low on the food chain and is a low mercury seafood! 

Japanese folklore elevates uni sea urchin uni to a powerful aphrodisiac. 

How to Eat Sea Urchin:

Around the world, most people eat uni raw. Our sea urchin uni has a buttery texture and delicious umami flavor. Serve uni over rice, with sushi, in dumplings, or blended into sauces. 

We especially love serving uni over pasta or with eggs.  

If you've never tried this unique and interesting sea creature, we highly recommend you give it a chance. You might find this unexpected food becomes your new personal favorite! 

Uni Price: 

The unique hand-harvesting process is unique to uni, causing a slightly higher price tag for this incredible seafood. When you order from Global Seafoods you get a tray of 300 grams of sushi-grade uni for $220

We offer a variety of payment options, including our newest payment option of interest-free installments. We want everyone to have access to fresh, healthy, and fantastic seafood, no matter where you live. 

Ordering Uni Sushi from Global Seafoods: 

When you order fresh sea urchin uni from Global Seafoods, your uni will ship separately from other items in your shopping cart. You will get a separate shipping tracking number for your uni order. We ship our uni separately to ensure that we follow our strict sea urchin shipping schedule. 

 See our shipping page for more information on Global Seafoods fresh online fish market. 

We hope you enjoy the rich flavor and natural sweetness of sea urchin uni as much as we do! 

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