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Seafood Cracker Pick Set For Crab Lobster

3 Pieces Set  Stainless Steel Seafood Cracker

Pick Set For Crab Lobster Useful Utensils Home Kitchen Seafood Cooking Tool Kitchenware


  • Material: Stainless steal
  • Crab Cracker: About 178*38mm
  • Stainless Forks Length: About 165mm
  • 1Set = 1Pcs × Seafood Cracker + 2Pcs × Stainless Forks
  • Material: Metal
  • Certification: CIQ

    Seafood Cracker Set for Crab and Lobster:

    As a seafood provider, we want to make sure you have all of the tools to create enjoying seafood experiences at home. Having the right tools to break down and eat crab legs and lobster claws makes your meal more enjoyable. We want you to have a pleasant experience with our delicious and wild-caught seafood. Imagine sitting down to a delightful lobster or crab leg dinner and not having what you need to crack open the hard shells and reach all of the delicate meat inside those shells. Our seafood cracker claw set solves that problem. You can enjoy more hard shell seafood when you have the right kitchen tools. 

    seafood cracker set is essential to a lobster or crab boil. Without a seafood cracker, your fingers will be sore, and you may miss some of the delicious meat inside the shells! The seafood shell cracker helps you break through the hard shells without damaging or tearing apart the lobster or crab meat. The seafood fork helps you reach all of the delicious and tender meat deep inside the tips and crevices of the lobster and crab legs. Giving your guests a seafood cracker and seafood fork will make their dining experience much more enjoyable. You won't have to worry about anyone leaving any precious crab or lobster meat stuck inside the shells! For your convenience, we have sourced high-quality kitchen tools to complete your seafood eating experience. 

    The Best Seafood Cracker:

    Many retailers and stores offer a seafood nut cracker that leaves your hands and fingers sore after having to work through your lobster or crab dinner. Our stainless-steel lobster cracker allows you to break through those tough lobster and crab shells without hurting your fingers or damaging your delicate lobster and crab meat. Many people shy away from whole king crab legs or lobster claws because not having the correct tools makes eating lobster and crab more work. We want you to enjoy eating delicious and tender lobster and crab by having the perfect crab leg cracker set

    Why Buy a Seafood Cracker Set? 

    Twisting and cracking hard-shell seafood without a lobster cracker set can leave your hands tired and sore. You can even slice your fingers on the sharp shells. If you have arthritis, eating seafood without a lobster shell cracker is next to impossible. Our affordable and high-quality lobster cracker sets make eating hard shell seafood safer and more comfortable. 

    Hard Shell Seafood: 

    Lobsters and crabs have exoskeletons or hard outer shells. That means that their shells serve an essential purpose in the ocean but also makes eating lobster and crab more difficult for us. The shells protect lobster and crab in their harsh ocean environments. Lobster and crab claws are strong to help them cut through their food and defend themselves. Nature has purposefully made lobster and crab shells difficult to penetrate.  

    What does that mean for us? 

    Nature creating armor for lobster and crab means more work for us when we want to eat tender lobster or crab meat. Under those tough shells is delicious, tender, and healthy protein that humans love to eat. Having a reliable crab cracker and lobster cracker set that is sturdy, easy to use, and easy to clean makes eating hard shell seafood much more enjoyable. 

    Global Seafoods Seafood Cracker Set: 

    Our lobster cracker tool is made with stainless steel to make them more durable and easier to clean. The lobster cracker sets won't rust with frequent use, so feel free to enjoy lobster and crab as often as you would like! Just as we strive to source only the best quality fish and seafood, we offer only high-quality and functional kitchen tools for you to use with our seafood. 

    Each lobster cracker set comes with one stainless steel seafood cracker and two stainless steel seafood forks. These crab and lobster claw cracker sets will help you crack and pick your way through our delicious crab legs quickly and easily. 

    When you order lobster and crab cracker sets, you have the option of ordering sets of four or sets of six depending on how many crab cracker sets you need to feed your family. These crab cracker tools will make a huge difference and save you a lot of time when eating hard shell seafood. Get to your lobster meat faster and keep your hands safer with one of our crab cracker tool sets. 

    How to Use Crab Cracker Tools: 

    Crack shell crackers look similar to a nutcracker, designed to help you break through hard nutshells. When ready to eat lobster or crab, firmly hold your crab leg or lobster claw in one hand and use your lobster shell cracker with your dominant hand. Squeeze the lobster claw cracker over the shell just until the crab shell cracks and then gently twist the shell apart. Using these lobster crackers properly will get you through the shell quickly with large chunks of crab or lobster meat for you to enjoy.  

    Depending on the size of your lobster or crab, you may need to break the shell in multiple places to enjoy all of the tender meat. Use the seafood fork from the crab cracker set to reach deep into the legs to reach every last tender piece. The forks are long and thin. The seafood forks are designed to help you reach deep into the tips of lobster and crab claws, so you don't have to use the crab claw cracker to damage the tender claw meat. The tips of the lobster claws are sometimes the most flavorful meat, and it would be impossible to reach without a seafood fork. 

    The seafood forks are fantastic for serving shrimp cocktail and other varieties of shellfish too! 

    Stainless steel is dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean your crab shell cracker and seafood forks. 

    Ordering from Global Seafoods: 

    Along with being your favorite seafood provider, we want to make sure you have all of the tools and recipes to enjoy our wild-caught seafood. A lobster claw cracker and a crab leg cracker are an essential kitchen tool that makes eating hard shell seafood a breeze. 

    Protect your hands and fingers when eating lobster and crab by having a high-quality seafood cracker set from Global Seafoods. 

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