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Snow Crab Legs

Snow Crab Clusters

  • Perfect Snow Crab clusters in one order
  • 11 Pounds
  • Servings: 1½ - 2 lbs per person
  • Fully-cooked and ready to steam
  • Ships flash frozen with dry ice
  • Amazingly sweet and flavorful 
  • Served hot or cold 
  • Harvested and immediately frozen
  • Great for parties & entertaining


Snow crab legs are among the greatest delicacies in the world, and we're proud to carry the most illustrious of all the snow crabs: the Bairdi snow crab that dwells in Russia, usually in the Bering Sea. This type is crab is incredibly succulent, and is renowned worldwide for its tender meat and sweet taste. 

Scientific name
Size Box Size Country of Origin Price per Pound
Bairdi Crab
Chionoecetes bairdi
14 oz + 11 lbs Pounds Russia $57
Chionoecetes opilio
8 oz + 10 Pounds USA $45
Snow Crab
Chionoecetes opilio
5 oz + 10 Pounds USA  $40

Why are snow crabs so popular throughout the world? 

  • They taste incredible - both sweet and delicate
  • They are cooked
  • They keep very well, and can be stored for long periods of time
  • They are a surprisingly healthy food and have a number of important nutritional benefits

It might seem incredible that you can buy such amazing crab meat clusters for such a minuscule price, but that's exactly what we're promising. Not only is the price very right for our crab legs, but we're not selling you shrimpy little legs either. Most of our clusters are 15 ounces or larger and might only contain up to 10% segmental leg pieces.

We are happy to carry the freshest crab legs on the market. We credit our excellent catch and ship process for this legendary freshness. Once the crabs are caught in the chilly Bering Sea in Russia, they are cooked in sea salt and then blast frozen immediately when they are done cooking. This locks in the distinctive sweet flavor of the snow crab, and ensures that the long journey ahead of them does not impact taste at all. No one can beat our snow crab legs price, and no one beats us on shipping either -- we ship by FedEx, in a lightweight dry ice package that maintains its temperature throughout the entire trip. 

The Best Prices 

Worried about the cost? You shouldn't be. We manage to accomplish this massive fishing and shipping project and not pass the costs on to our consumers. For people looking for where to buy snow crab meat, there is only one real place to look. The average snow crab legs price is much higher than our listed price, and we can't figure out why. Somehow our cost and our quality have managed to go in opposite directions: as our prices have gotten cheaper, our quality has only gone up. 

Snow crab legs are all the rage in kitchens across the world, and we are happy to offer the best product at a very reasonable price. When you're thinking of where to buy your next delicious seafood meal, look no further than us! We'll get you the crab of your dreams without emptying your wallet at the same time. 

See for yourself today -- order our snow crab clusters and you'll never buy from anyone else again!


Customer Reviews

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