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Coho Salmon Nova Lox

Coho Salmon Nova Lox - Oncorhynchus kisutch

  • 3 oz vacuum pack
  • 10 or 6 packages per order
  • Premium Grade Cold Smoked Salmon
  • Certified Non-GMO
  • Certified Kosher
  • Gerard & Dominique Seafoods Brand
  • Ingredients: Coho Salmon, Salt, Sugar, Spices
  • Caught in Alaska
  • Smoked in Washington State
  • UPC: 760537089489
Wild coho salmon is a very popular fish. Prized for its firm, orange-red meat and rich buttery flavor, this fish comes in many cuts, including our beautifully cold smoked coho salmon nova lox. Lox is a favorite delicacy around the world and we offer a good size coho salmon nova lox for sale right here. Our generous 16 ounce package offers convenience and the perfect taste for snacks and light meals. Certified Kosher, sliced thin, and cold smoked, this product is an excellent value. Some of the most popular methods of preparing lox is in an omelet, used in appetizers of many styles, and topping a bagel and cream cheese, often with tomato, sliced red onions, and capers for extra kick.

 Originating from the North Pacific Ocean, our salmon is caught fresh, then smoked in Washington state. Thanks to our expert vacuum packing method, you can buy coho salmon nova lox online today and still enjoy it months from now. All our products are top quality and have a very good shelf life for easy storage.

 Salmon is known to be an incredibly healthy fish with an excellent flavor. With omega-3 fatty acids, EPA, and DHA, you are not only eating a delicious meal, but doing something good for your body as well. Each box is 16 ounces in weight and contains more than enough salmon to last you many meals and snacks.

 Since our products sell out very quickly, now is a great time to buy coho salmon nova lox. Our prices are the best and our servings are generous. Give Global Seafoods a try today and we're confident you won't be disappointed.

Two French Chefs; Chef Dominique Place and Chef Gerard Parrat were recruited in the 1980's to expand the French culinary movement in America. After some years they both settled in Seattle as their new home and each opened their own intimate French Bistro. Unable to find a smoked salmon to their liking, they created one. The Executive Chefs from the Four Seasons and the Fairmont Hotels were regular patrons, and they loved Gerard & Dominique's smoked salmon. After multiple requests, they convinced them to make it for their hotels; and with that, Gerard & Dominique Seafoods was born.

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