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King Salmon Hot Smoked Trim - 4lbs

King Salmon - Oncorhynchus tshawytscha


Smoked salmon is a delicious, nutritious, and easy meal just waiting for your creativity. Since it is already cooked, any quick meal is a breeze, and smoked salmon adds a kick of flavor to your dishes with no extra effort. If you are especially short on time, or do not feel like making a whole meal, it can even be enjoyed straight out of the package, no preparation needed. Excellent for appetizers, soups, stews, salads, and pasta dishes, this trimmed smoked salmon is a versatile and hearty addition to any kitchen.


Why buy smoked salmon trim?

It is not unusual to find beautiful pieces of perfectly smoked salmon in stores, packed one piece at a time, for a very high price. However, if you plan on eating it as a quick snack or you plan to use it in a dish where it will be shredded or chunked, there is simply no reason to purchase a whole, perfectly staged piece for such a high cost. You can save a lot of money without sacrificing quality and taste by purchasing smoked salmon trim.


Smoked Chinook salmon trim and smoked king salmon trim are the trimmed pieces from larger cuts. They are just as tasty and nutritious as the bigger pieces, but were simply trimmed off to make the larger pieces look more uniform. It is the same high-quality meat, wild-caught and quickly processed, just in smaller pieces for convenience and savings. By purchasing smoked salmon trim online, you save money and time, all without losing any quality or flavor.


Top-quality and certified Kosher

Our smoked salmon trim is certified Kosher, and the Chinook and king salmon were caught wild in the Pacific Ocean, especially around Alaska. Perfectly brined, smoked, and packed, our smoked salmon is sure to please. We guarantee the flavor and quality, so now is a great time to try smoked salmon trim.



  • Our 4-pound package comes with 2 vacuum packs of 2 pounds each
  • Pacific Sustainable Seafood brand
  • Ingredients: Wild King Salmon, Brown Sugar, Salt, Maple Sugar (Salt, Sugar, Brown Sugar, Dextrose, Natural Maple Flavor), Natural Wood Smoke
  • Certified Kosher


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