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Live Maine Lobsters

Live Maine Lobster

Homarus Americanus

  • Whole Live Maine Lobster
  • Alive
  • Not Frozen
  • Not vacuum packed
  • Caught & Packaged In Maine
  • Shipped Overnight

 If you want the best in lobsters then here you have it!  Caught off the coast of Maine and shipped to you live!  When you prepare a lobster that is as fresh as it can ever be, you will experience the finest in flavor and texture that Maine lobsters have to offer!

 Maine lobsters are considered to be the highest quality lobster that money can buy!  They are famously renowned for their flavor and meaty texture!  A culinary favorite whether it is served next to a juicy T-Bone steak, or just by itself dipped into garlic butter!

When you buy live lobsters shipped to your home there are a few factors to consider.  The first is you must make sure that all lobsters in the box are still alive when you recieve your order.  You must not eat any of the lobsters if even one is dead on arrival!  When lobsters die they begin to excrete toxins in a few hours, and any other lobsters that are in contact will be affected, thus having a high risk of food poisoning.  If any lobsters arrive dead then your order will be replaced!  Live lobsters should be cooked shortly after arrival unless you have a proper tank for their storage.

The next concept to remember is that you will have to kill the lobster yourself.  Many people just place the love lobster in boiling water to kill them, but recently it is considered to be more humane to pierce the lobster's head with a knife to instantly kill it.  

The best way to prepare live lobsters is to place them in boiling water after they have been killed.  Spices can be added to the water in order to add extra flavors to the lobster.  After they have been cooked you can create a butter dip using additions like garlic and other spices that are preferred.

Each Lobster size Lobsters per order in box
 lbs in Box
2-3 lbs  5 10
3-4 lbs 3 10
4-6 lbs 2 10

Customer Reviews

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