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Dungeness Crab Legs & Claws - 10 lbs


The Dungeness Crab clusters is a delicacy, which will amuse anyone with its rich flavor and delicate texture. The meat in their clusters, as well as in body, is simply that delicious.

Dungeness crabs live in large areas in Pacific ocean, near US and Canadian coasts. To keep the meat fresh, crabs are usually kept frozen since they are cooked.   

Dungeness Crab Legs Price

Their price per pound is rising along with their increasing popularity. However, with us you can get a high quality Dungeness crab for sale. All our frozen crabs were caught in Oregon State. The shipping weight is 10.0 lbs, considering dry ice to keep the temperature cool.  All crab claws and legs will come in a 10 lbs heat sealed bag.

Beside their obvious advantage, which is their taste, there is more great bonuses to that. Here are some of the features that you can benefit from:

  • Dungeness crab claws and legs are super healthy;
  • Their meat consists of a great number of minerals and vitamins
  • The crab meat that reaches your home is as fresh as possible, due to them being blast frozen.
  • It's a fact that the best crab cakes are made from Dungeness crabs.

 Dungeness Crab Clusters

So if you buy best Dungeness crab online now, we will deliver to you the most delicious crabs you have ever tried!

Customer Reviews