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Siberian Sturgeon Caviar - 4oz (0.25 lbs)

Siberian Sturgeon Platinum Grade Black Caviar - Acipenser baerii

There are many types of Black caviars in the world, but it is a simple fact that there is no Black caviar that compares to Siberian sturgeon caviar.  Its flavor and texture can be found in no other Black caviar in the world.  Even though it does not come from the Caspian Sea, it is still a caviar to rival any other. Here are a few things you will need to know when buying Siberian sturgeon caviar from us:


  1. Even though it is called Siberian, it is no longer shipped from Russia, since wild production of Siberian Sturgeon is no longer allowed. Our product is specially raised in Bulgarian farm;
  2. It’s absolutely healthy and it has a perfect taste, improved by the farm's strict aquaculture conditions;
  3. Its freshness is also guaranteed 100%;
  4. It has an excellent deep flavor and light grey color;
  5. Our caviar come in tins which weight 4oz (113g).


It may not be cheap, but we guarantee that our Siberian Sturgeon that we have on sale is the best quality that you can find in the world.  If its pedigree doesn’t convince you, then believe us that you have nothing to lose.  If you do not like our Siberian Sturgeon Caviar, then send it back for a full refund, no questions asked.  We are that confident that you will love it. Just don't hesitate to order it now and receive your delivery straight to your home.

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