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How to Buy King Crab Legs and Prepare

April 04, 2017

king crab

How to Buy  Crab Legs and Prepare

There is nothing quite as enticing as a largest king crab legs waiting to be prepared and devoured. With the ability to order king crab legs online, and the low king crab price per pound, just about anyone, no matter where they live, can now enjoy this delicacy. When you're ready to buy, look no further than Global Seafoods! This delicious food used to be very expensive, but the price per pound has dropped considerably, in part due to better processing and quick-freezing methods.

Giant Alaskan Crab is no longer a food just for the wealthy, and cooks of all experience levels are able to get creative with this delicious, nutritious, decadent seafood. King Crab from Alaska is versatile in both flavor and cooking methods, and not as hard to prepare as people might think. The internet has made it possible for anyone to find King Crab legs for sale online for a great price, so we'll be focusing on that convenience. Read on for some great ideas to help you make the most of your mail order King Crab!

King Crab legs

Where to find crab quality

King Crab legs

Believe it or not, you can get quality frozen King Crab legs and still end up with an incredible dish. In fact, if you purchase from a reputable source, your frozen crab legs will have been processed and frozen quickly, preserving that fresh taste and texture.

Who knows how long the King Crab in the grocery store has been sitting out? Though the cost of King Crab legs is reasonable these days, smart shoppers still pay attention to where their seafood comes from and how it has been handled. Buying frozen is simply a smart move.

The convenience of home delivery

Getting Alaskan King Crab legs shipped to you is the easiest way to get started. While some people can certainly go down to the grocery store or the seafood mart, that's not an option for many landlocked people. The average price will vary by location and time of year, and sometimes local shops carry cheap Alaskan king crab legs, but price shouldn't be your only motivator. Local shops have been known to ″mark down″ their fresh seafood because it's been sitting out a while and will go bad soon. Beware! Buying online from a reputable source means guaranteed quality.

Prep your crab legs

When you cooking frozen King Crab legs, there isn't a lot of prep for you since most of the work (cleaning, trimming, etc.) has already been done. That definitely saves you time! You can cook crab legs right from frozen, but you can also let it thaw first, if you prefer. Either method works well. Below, we'll give an overview of the following crab cooking methods:

  • Red Crab Steaming
  • Red Crab Boiling
  • Red Crab Baking
  • Red Crab Grilling

Steaming Crab

This is a popular and very easy method for preparing southern red king crab clusters, and low blue king crab prices make it another good choice, but steaming works well for all kinds of crab. In a large pot, add enough water to fill halfway. Bring to a boil. Place your thawed or frozen crab in a colander, and place the colander over the boiling water. Cover and steam crab legs or about 10 minutes. You want to be sure the meat is heated through, but not over-cooked. After 10 minutes, crack one leg to check.

Boiling Crab

Another popular method of cooking King Crab is boiling. Like steaming, it's simple and straight-forward. Fill a large pot with water and bring to a rolling boil. You can add about a tablespoon of salt and some seasonings at this point if you choose, but crab tastes great without it, too. If you want seasonings, try something spicy, like red pepper flakes. Adding the crab will make the water stop boiling. Wait for the water to boil again, then reduce the heat and let the crab simmer for six minutes for thawed and about ten for frozen. Dump them in a strainer, rinse with warm water, and enjoy!

Baking Crab

King Crab legs

Baking crab legs is a little more involved, but it's gaining popularity due to the way the baking process infuses the colossal crab meat with incredible flavor from the shell. This will take a bit longer than the first two methods, but we promise it's well worth the wait. Preheat the over to 350°F. Place crabs in a shallow baking dish in a single layer (don't stack them), with about an eight of an inch of hot water. 

Sprinkle with a seasoning of your choice, cover with foil, then bake 8 to 10 minutes. We suggest thawing the crab first, but if you want to go right from frozen, add about 5 – 8 minutes to your baking time.


Grilling Crab

Grilling crab legs on BBQ adds and exciting flavor to an already delicious meat. Again, it's a bit more involved than the first two methods, but we know you'll love this. Preheat your grill to about 300 °F. Brush the crab with olive oil, making sure to cover every side. This prevents sticking. Place crab legs directly on the hot grill and close the lid. Grill for approximately 5 minutes, then turn each leg or cluster over and cook 5 more minutes. That's it!

These four methods for preparing crab are all simple, quick, and turn out some pretty amazing flavor. Red southern king crab (royal red southern king crab), stone crab king, and most other crab types are suitable for these preparation methods, so go ahead and experiment. That said, we believe nothing can beat a succulent, huge crab legs. Buy crab legs in bulk means you'll have plenty for that special meal today, and some to try the other methods, too.

King Crab legs

Where to buy king crab legs online

Look no further than this website! Our reputation speaks for itself. With Global Seafoods, you get fresh king crab legs delivered right to your door, and our unbeatable money-back guarantee means you can rest assured you're getting the best seafood available for the best price, all worry-free. Our collosal King Crab legs sale is the perfect time to try any of the methods listed above, or to experiment with on your own. When you're ready to order Crab legs online, check out our site for some great offers.


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