Whole Crabs

Live Pacific Whole Crabs From Global Seafoods

Our red crabs, whole king crabs, and whole Dungeness crab stock come directly from the waters of the Pacific. Global Seafoods is proud to provide high-quality seafood directly from the source to be served at your dinner table. We work directly with the locals to source fresh, live red crab and whole crabs all year long. Searching for whole crabs near me on the internet will give you a plethora of options, but none will match the quality and flavor of our sources. If you are looking for buttery red crabs or the firm meat of a whole king crab, you are in the right place.

Whole King Crab From The Crab Capitol of the World

Global Seafoods knows seafood and when it comes to whole king crab, we are the experts. Our stock is not only the freshest on the market, but it is also the best you will find straight from the Pacific. Our cooked whole Dungeness crab can be eaten on its own or turned into a delicious dip. Unlike many other crabs, Dungeness crab whole doesn’t have an overly fishy scent making it a popular choice among new crab eaters. Take the hassle out of your next seafood boil with our whole red crab. Each red king crab is at least 5 pounds and every inch of it is filled with succulent meat that is so tender it will melt in your mouth. If you want to prepare your own red crab, then place an order for your live king crab. Each one weighs between 8-11 pounds and is guaranteed to be among the most exceptional red crabs you have ever eaten.

What Does Whole Dungeness Crab Taste Like?

There is nothing quite like the flavor profile of a whole Dungeness crab. It features a slight sweetness in the meat that comes from living in the Pacific waters. When served gently steamed or even tossed into a seafood boil, these whole crabs are a culinary delight to the senses. You can enjoy whole king crab or whole Dungeness crab as an appetizer ahead of the main feast, or you can pair it with complimentary side dishes to create a decadent meal for your whole family.

There is nothing as fancy as a Dungeness crab whole served on a platter with slices of bright lemon. You can order online below and get delivery the next day! With just one bite of our Pacific fresh crab, you will understand why it’s a crowd favorite.

How To Cook Whole Dungeness Crab

Anyone who enjoys whole crab, especially live whole Dungeness crab should know the right way to prepare them. Red crab, whole king crab, and Dungeness crab whole are Pacific coast delicacies that need to be cleaned and served correctly if you want to really highlight their flavor. We have some easy to follow tips that will help you make the perfect crab dinner for you and your whole family.

The first step is sourcing your live whole crab. If you live near the waters of the Pacific, you can head out with some crab traps on your own. For everyone else, you can search for whole crab near me to find the choicest selection of fresh red crab or whole Dungeness crab from Global Seafoods. Once you acquire your live whole king crab at home, make sure you use tongs to avoid getting pinched.

You will need a deep pot that has high enough sides to drop your whole crab in safely, and tall enough so that it can’t climb out. Heat fresh water to the boiling point and drop the red crab or Dungeness crab whole, inside the pot. Cover with a lid leaving a narrow crack for ventilation. Allow it to cook for about 8 minutes. You can boil more than one whole crab at a time, just be careful not to overload the pot. Using a steamer is also a clever idea if you want to reduce the amount of liquid in the meat.

Once your crabs are cooked, simply drench them in cool water to stop the cooking process. This will also allow you to cook the shell enough to handle. Wash away any crab guts and debris that came out during the steam/boil. Following that, you can de-shell your crab and use it in any whole crab recipe that your heart desires!

Buy The Best Crabs Near Me

If you are in the market for red crabs for your next potluck or even whole Dungeness crab for a special dinner at home, we can help. All you have to do is click whole crab near me to get high quality whole king crabs from Global Seafoods delivered fresh to your doorstep. We offer a large selection of crabs, both live red crabs and cooked whole crabs at an affordable price. What are you waiting for? Place your whole king crab order today!