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Chum Salmon Headless & Gutted - 10 lbs

Chum Salmon Headless and Gutted - Oncorhynchus keta

Wild chum salmon is a popular fish around the world for its value and taste. Enjoyed for its delicate flavor and pink meat, it is an excellent fish for smoking, though it works well in many other dishes, too. Try it baked with lemon juice and butter or flaked in pasta with a creamy white sauce. The price per pound for this product is such an incredible value, you can afford to be creative and experiment. Salmon goes well with fresh steamed vegetables and a good-quality crusty bread.

 Originating from the North Pacific Ocean, this salmon is caught in the coldest waters, especially near Alaska. The season for this fish ranges from May to November, but our fillets are individually quick frozen to ensure freshness all year round. We sell chum salmon headless, so you know the weight is mainly meat—that is true value.

The chum salmon fillet is a versatile cut, opening a world of possibilities in your kitchen. From simple dishes to fancier fare, you can count on our fresh caught salmon being top-quality. Like your chum salmon gutted before it's delivered to your door? Not a problem! When you buy chum salmon from us, the hardest work is already done and it is shipped to your door at the perfect temperature.

 As with all salmon, chum salmon is a wonderful, healthy fish. With omega-3 fatty acids, EPA, and DHA, you are not only eating a delicious meal, but doing something good for your body as well. Each ten pound box contains more than enough salmon to last you many meals.



  • 10lbs Chum Salmon Individually Quick Frozen (IQF)
  • Headless & Gutted Fish 4-6Lbs each
  • Comes in Original Poly-Liner Bag, Not Individually Wrapped
  • Wild Caught In Alaska


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