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Chum Salmon Hot Smoked Trim - 4lbs

Chum Salmon Hot Smoked Trim - Oncorhynchus keta

Smoked salmon and other delicacies

Smoked trout and smoked salmon are popular dishes for holidays and special occasions. If you enjoy smoked fish, but don't want huge pieces, we've got a great deal for you on these smaller size pieces. If you're looking for a good balance between taste and value, buy chum salmon hot smoked trim from Global Seafoods. The pieces are trimmed from larger steaks, but still have excellent flavor. Buy chum salmon hot smoked trim online today to give us a try. This keta salmon hot smoked trim is a great value, especially if you're new to getting your fish online or if you only need smaller pieces. If you're a lover of smoked salmon buy online today and save. If you're nervous about getting smoked salmon mail order, rest assured, we have a great reputation and a money-back guarantee.

Can smoked salmon be cooked?

Yes! It can be cooked and used in many types of meals and not just smoked fish dishes or smoked salmon starters. Salmon hot smoked is great for experimenting. The rich flavor of chum salmon hot smoked trim is tasty on its own as a snack, used in a variety of dishes, and goes great in soups and stews. When you purchase this product, you avoid slicing smoked salmon, since it's already in easy to use pieces. Hot smoked salmon trim is also excellent on sandwiches or on top of various spreads.

 Where does your fish come from?

Originating in the North Pacific Ocean, especially around Alaska, this delicacy can be bought frozen on our site and then enjoyed for months to come, thanks to its long shelf life. Our chum salmon hot smoked trim for sale is the best because our salmon was caught wild in the USA and processed fast to lock in that fresh taste.

Interesting facts:

  • Dry cure for smoked salmon can be sweet, salty, or spicy. There's lots of room to experiment!
  • Brine smoked fish (before smoking) for 6 – 12 hours to lock in that flavor. Or just purchase ours. We have a variety of smoked fish right here!
  • If you're interested in home smoked fish, we have a great variety of seafood available to try smoking.


  • Comes in 2 vacuumed packs of total 4lbs
  • Pacific Sustainable Seafood Brand
  • Ingredients: Wild Keta Salmon, Brown Sugar, Salt, Maple Sugar (Salt, Sugar, Brownulated Sugar, Dextrose, Natural Maple Flavor), Natural Wood Smoke.
  • May Contain Bones
  • Certified Kosher

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