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Hot Smoked Sockeye Salmon

Hot Smoked Salmon Oncorhynchus nerka

  • Hot Smoked Alaska Sockeye Portions
  • Vacuum Pack 2.5 pounds per bag
  • Fully-cooked
  • Ships flash frozen with dry ice
  • Amazingly sweet and flavorful 
  • Served cold
A true gourmet delight, wild Alaskan smoked sockeye salmon is delicious, versatile and certain to impress. The best smoked salmon is created using wild caught sockeye salmon. Sockeye salmon is native to the North Pacific Ocean and its surrounding rivers. It is famous for its brilliant red color, which peaks during spawning season. The amazing color makes sockeye salmon highly prized by seafood connoisseurs.

It is rarely farmed and therefore nearly always caught in the wild. The smoked wild sockeye salmon we offer for sale in our online market is wild caught in Alaska and sustainably sourced, ensuring that future generations will continue to enjoy this delicacy.

Proudly sourced and made in the United States, Gerard and Dominique’s smoked wild sockeye salmon is hand crafted from wild caught Alaskan Sockeye salmon. The savory wild fish is marinated in a brine created from a secret family recipe of sugar and spices. It is then hot smoked over a custom blend of fruit woods in a proprietary process unique to Chef Dominique Place. The result is an exquisite taste sensation that is sought after by discriminating customers around the world. Gerard and Dominique’s wild smoked sockeye salmon was showcased in a Wall Street Journal review of smoked seafood. The hot smoked salmon was described as possessing a brilliant scarlet-coral colored flesh and supremely tender texture.

The ingredients for Gerard and Dominique’s sockeye smoked salmon are listed as wild caught Alaskan sockeye salmon, salt, cane sugar, assorted spices, natural wood smoke, and honey. All of the ingredients are completely natural, and there are no artificial or GMO ingredients in this high quality Alaskan smoked salmon.

Smoked Salmon Nutrition

Salmon has a well deserved reputation as a heart healthy food, and consuming it in the form of delicious wild smoked salmon is a particularly enjoyable way to get its health benefits. Salmon is a powerhouse food thanks to its high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which have many benefits for the heart and cardiovascular system. It has been well established in the existing medical literature that these fatty acids have the ability to lower blood triglycerides, reduce blood pressure, and reduce the risk of blood clot formation. Several leading health agencies in the United States, including the American Medical Association and the American Heart Association, recommend one to two servings of fatty fish that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids per week. Salmon has these omega fatty acids in abundance and is an excellent selection. For those with a personal or family history of heart disease it is advised to eat even more than the normally recommended level of one or two servings a week.

In addition to its heart protecting qualities, the essential fatty acids found in smoked salmon are also necessary for optimal brain health. They are considered to be the critical building materials of brain cells and nerve tissue. These fatty acids are found in high concentrations in the human brain and healthy levels are linked to lower incidences of cognitive disorders. Deficiencies of these omega-3 fatty acids are linked to mood swings, fatigue, depression and poor memory. Regular consumption of fatty fish like smoked wild salmon can prevent these deficiencies.

One three ounce serving of smoked salmon is full of essential fatty acids and has only 100 calories. About 60 percent of those calories come from fat, but remember this is healthy fat, and provides the miracle fatty acids that are required for brain and heart health. It is also an excellent source of protein, with 16 grams, or 32 percent of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for protein. Smoked salmon provides a whopping 145 percent of the RDA of vitamin D. Many nutritional experts recommend vitamin D supplements for those living in northern locales, due to the difficulty in obtaining enough sunlight for the body to synthesize vitamin D on its own in these areas. Eating wild caught wild caught smoked salmon can be a delicious alternative to vitamin D supplements.

Serving Ideas

While this savory delicacy is incredible on its own or on a simple cracker, there are literally endless culinary combinations for using wild Alaskan smoked salmon. This quality gourmet smoked fish has the power to elevate a mundane dish from ordinary to extraordinary. Here are a few suggestions to inspire your next gourmet creation. We are sure you can dream up many more once you taste this amazing fish.

  • Smoked Salmon Dip Smoked salmon is a delicious addition to sour cream or cream cheese based dips. You can easily add chopped wild alaskan smoked salmon to your favorite dip recipe. Serve with pita crisps or melba toasts.
  • Smoked Salmon and Egg Breakfast Sandwich An inspired alternative to traditional sausage and egg breakfast sandwiches, a smoked salmon and egg sandwich brings a gourmet twist to your breakfast or brunches.
  • Smoked Salmon Pasta Smoked salmon pairs particularly well with white cheese-based sauces. It can also be added to plain pasta with oil, garlic and parmesan.
  • Smoked Salmon Quiche You can substitute smoked salmon for the smoky bacon in any quiche recipe for a healthier seafood alternative to bacon.
  • Smoked Salmon Pizza Consider using smoked salmon on your favorite pizza crust. A white sauce like alfredo or bechamel will showcase the salmon nicely.
  • Salmon Crostini In addition to tomatoes or cheese, smoked salmon makes a unique topping for these tiny toasts. Try it with some delicate herbs like parsley.
  • Seafood Chowder Instead of the classic seafood chowder that usually features clams, a chowder based on smoky Alaskan salmon is an unexpected treat for the taste buds. It also combines nicely with other seafood such as shrimp.

Where to Buy Smoked Salmon

Our naturally wild smoked salmon prices are extremely competitive. We believe that we offer the best market value price online for this gourmet salmon delicacy. Many of our repeat customers have written to us that our products offer the highest quality at reasonable cost.

This salmon is packaged in two individual pouches of 2.5 pounds each, for a total of 5 pounds. These individual packets make storing and using this product more convenient. Smoked salmon must be stored unopened in the refrigerator in its original packaging with a refrigerated shelf life of up to two weeks. Upon opening, this product should be carefully wrapped and can be kept in the refrigerator for one week. Normal refrigeration temperature is (around 35 degrees) is perfect. If you would prefer to enjoy delicious smoked salmon for longer, it can be frozen for up to three months. It can be useful to divide into individual portions before freezer storage if you use smaller amounts in your recipes. 

Our Guarantee

Those who buy smoked salmon fillets from us can be assured that we stand behind our products 100 percent. We have spent years developing the highest quality control standards for our products and operating procedures. If you are not satisfied in any way with your order, we offer replacement or refund. We are proud to go above and beyond to do whatever is necessary to make an order right and ensure that our customers are satisfied. If you are not completely satisfied or if your shipment is damaged at all, please contact us immediately. Any documentation, such as a photograph, that you have of damaged shipping containers or shipped items are appreciated by our quality control department, but not required. A replacement will be sent to you.


When you buy Alaska smoked salmon online from us, we take great care in preparing and packaging your order under carefully controlled conditions. No aspect of the shipping details are overlooked. This item will be packed carefully and shipped using sufficient dry ice as a coolant. Your order will be shipped using second day shipping service in a reusable cooler. It should be frozen or refrigerated upon receipt. If any dry ice remains after your order has arrived, please do not handle it but instead wait for it to dissipate. You should not handle dry ice with bare hands; it is safest to allow it to evaporate in the cooler. You can be assured of receiving the highest quality Alaskan wild caught smoked salmon slices in excellent condition.

We believe there is no better source available to buy Alaskan smoked salmon online. Please place your order today so that you can begin enjoying our delicious smoked Alaskan salmon as quickly as possible. You won’t be disappointed.

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