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How To Decrease Salt Content In Caviar

December 19, 2017


How To Decrease Salt Content In Caviar

Everyone has a different taste on how much salt they prefer in their caviar.  Some like it saltier, but the majority of caviar aficionados prefer to have as little salt in their caviar as possible.  This can a trying request for many, because US caviar production requires a minimum amount of salt to guarantee food safety, and for some consumers that is still too much salt. 
Fortunately there is a way to go around this by washing caviar.  It is quite a simple method which we will go over in depth.

First of all you must only wash Ikura which you plan to consume within 24 hours, because once washed it will go bad within 24 hours due to the lack of salt.  

Take 1 liter of water and boil it to kill any possible bacteria within the water, then leave to cool until cold.  Add 1 gram of salt and mix into the water until diluted.


Take a fine strainer and place the caviar in the strainer.  Dip the caviar in the strainer into a pot with the disinfected water and mix around for 3-5 minutes.  Then pour water over the caviar and let it dry for 15 minutes.



It is vital that you consume the caviar within 24 hours regardless of whether you keep it in the refrigerator.  After 24 hours with the lower salt content there is a growing risk of serious food poisoning, as the salt functions as a preservative. 


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