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Weathervane Jumbo Sea Scallops - 5lbs

Weathervane Jumbo Sea Scallops

These U15 size grade superior quality Weathervane scallops, or Patinopecten Caurinus, are tender, juicy and delightfully flavorful. As one of the ocean's true delicacies, these scallops are wild and harvested near the Alaskan coastline. They are large and completely free of any chemicals or artificial additives. One of the favorite treats among jumbo sea scallops lovers is fresh wild scallops wrapped in strips of bacon before baking, broiling or pan-searing. An average serving of fresh scallops equals 3.5 ounces, or 3 to 5 large scallops. Scallops are versatile and used in myriad seafood recipes as the main seafood and in combination with other delicacies from the sea. When you buy jumbo scallops on the website, your gourmet scallops will arrive in an airtight, well-sealed, sturdy packing bag. You are most likely interested in the jumbo sea scallops price per pound. A typical order equals two bags of scallops that weigh 2.5 lbs each, for a total of 5 lbs. at the reasonable cost of $145. This makes the scallops price per pound just $29 at the online market checkout. 

Scallop Health Benefits 

As the largest type of fresh harvested wild scallops from the Alaskan coastal regions, Weathervane scallops are rich in nutritional value. As mollusks, scallops have a pair of ridged shells joined by a hinge on one end. For this reason, biologists refer to them as "bi-valve mollusks." The part of a scallop that is considered a delicacy is the white colored muscle, or nut, that can open and close the shells. The tender, rich texture and mildly sweet taste of this shellfish is attractive to seafood connoisseurs and to occasional shellfish eaters. Scallops contain important nutrients such as Vitamin B-12, protein, iodine, magnesium, phosphorus and Omega-3 fatty acids. They offer such health benefits as the following:

• Enhancing of your body's cardiovascular activity;
• Safeguarding your system against development of heart disease;
• Helping to prevent strokes; and
• Protecting your body from the onset of colon cancer.

By purchasing the excellent quality,  delicious, tender Weathervane Sea Scallops Jumbo Size from the website market, you will receive the ultimate quality seafood delicacies for your gourmet culinary enjoyment. Once you know where to buy sea scallops, the purchasing process is simple and easy. As owners of the finest quality seafood shop and website, Global Seafoods North America offers the very best in premier grade choices to satisfy all your favorite natural, specialty seafood preferences, needs and desires. This excellent seafood provider enables you to buy jumbo scallops easily.



  • U15 Size Grade
  • Wild
  • Dry Scallops
  • No Moisture added
  • Product of Alaska
  • Packed in Sealed Bag
  • Not Individually Wrapped
  • 2 bags of 2.5lbs equals 5lbs total

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