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King Salmon Caviar - 1kg (2.2 lbs) Grade No3

King Salmon Caviar - Oncorhynchus tshawytscha

King Salmon Caviar comes from the King Salmon subspecies. It is also known as Chinook Salmon throughout the world. The King Caviar is a larger grain Salmon Roe compared to other salmon caviars. King Salmon is caught throughout the North Pacific Ocean, especially in Alaska. The season for King Salmon ranges from June to September. King Salmon is the largest species of Salmon. When you Buy King Salmon Caviar Online from us it will arrive in a frozen state in order to guarantee quality. We recommend thawing the Salmon Caviar in the refrigerator in order to preserve the quality of the Salmon Roe. All Red Salmon Caviar can be preserved in a residential freezer for 3 months and in a refrigerator for 30 days.


  • King Salmon Caviar
  • Wild  Caught
  • Made in Alaska
  • Grade No 3
  • Ingredients: King Salmon Roe, Salt
  • No Additional Preservatives
  • Color: Orange
  • Egg firmness: Very Soft Shell, Will leak
  • Size: 6-7 mm Diameter Grain
  • Salt Content: 4.8%
  • Taste & Smell: no smell or aftertaste, great flavor
  • 1kg (2.2Lbs)

Recommended Serving Method: 

It is recommended that all Caviar is thawed in the refrigerator. This is so that there is no damage done to the roe during thawing. Finally we recommend taking the Caviar from refrigeration and serving in room temperature. Caviar can be served in many ways. The most popular method in Russia is on dark rye bread with unsalted butter.

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