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Vegan Fish Sauce

март 20, 2020

sea food market

Easy Home Made Vegan Fish Sauce Recipe From Our Kitchen To Yours

Fish is one of nature’s most nutritious sources of protein that is also packed with a wealth of nutrients and minerals. Though most fresh fish is bursting with amazing flavors, most people still like to add a bit of garnish or sauce. For seafood, you can add sauce on the side, use it for dipping or even create amazing dishes by cooking with fish sauce.


If you are new to the world of sauces for cooking, you may be wondering exactly how to use fish sauce when preparing your meals or plating your dishes. Not to worry, we are here to walk you through the process. Many fish eaters happen to also be vegetarian, and even those who aren’t can benefit from using vegetarian fish sauce during their meal prep. If you are interested in learning how to make vegan fish sauce for your meals, keep on reading.  


The Flavor Profile of Vegan Fish Sauce

Most Asian fish sauce is not vegan which limits a lot of people from using it in their meals. If you are looking for the best fish sauce that can serve as a substitute for this staple in Asian dishes, homemade vegan fish sauce is a great alternative.

When you hear the term fish sauce, you probably wonder does fish sauce taste fishy, but the actual flavor profile is much different. Vegan fish sauce adds an umami flavor that provides the depth you need for your meals without using gluten or shellfish.


One of the main benefits of fish sauce in vegan form is that those who are allergic to fish or those who are avoiding any type of animal product in their meals can still enjoy delicious Asian inspired dishes at home. Vegan fish sauce can be made in large batches and used for several months. If you are wondering do you refrigerate fish sauce,  in short, yes, and you can keep it for up to six months refrigerated.


Many Asian style recipes call for fish sauce and oyster sauce as part of their required ingredients. It makes sense that if you are making a big batch of vegan fish sauce at home, you will want to know can fish sauce be substituted for oyster sauce in most recipes. Fish sauce and oyster sauce have the same texture but a slightly different flavor profile. However, fish sauce can be used in place of oyster sauce in all but the most specific of Asian recipes.

My Personal Favorite Vegetarian Fish Sauce Recipe

My favorite vegetarian fish sauce is basically a broth made from condensed fish sauce powder which is then infused with soy sauce. You can also use tamari or shoyu, and if you are going for gluten free fish sauce, then Bragg’s Liquid Amino acids. Next comes the mushrooms, I like fresh ones, but dried works equally well. If you are looking for a mushroom soy sauce substitute, then check the next section for my suggestions. A few garlic cloves and seaweed will round out the flavor.


It is a great sauce for fish fillet though there are many great uses for fish sauce such as making a bowl of fried rice or even a shrimp and broccoli dish. By simmering and reducing the broth it increased the fish sauce shelf life and also makes it highly concentrated. When it is ready, you will have a delicious liquid that is salty and briny at the same time. The umami undertones paired with the seaweed gives it that unique “fish sauce” flavor without having any actual fish in the recipe. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to worry about how long does fish sauce keep. When properly prepared and stored, you can keep a batch up to six months in your fridge.

An Easy To Follow Vegan Fish Sauce Recipe You Can Make At Home

After learning our fish sauce recipe, make sure to head over and check out our vegetarian fish recipe pages that you can use to pair with this delicious sauce. Each meal list out how much fish sauce to use depending on the number of servings you will be cooking.

When looking at fish sauce recipes you may be wondering does fish sauce have gluten. Just like with soya sauce, it really depends on where it was made and what the ingredients are. If you suffer from a sensitivity to gluten, make sure to check the ingredients list or use our gluten-free substitute suggestions when making your vegan fish sauce.

Now, on to the best fish sauce you have ever tasted, all made in your very own kitchen. Remember, you can always add or remove things from the recipe to make it your own. You can also choose all freshly grown ingredients if you want to make an organic fish sauce for your family to enjoy. We would love to see your versions in the comment section below.

Making Your Vegan Fish Sauce

  • Prep time: 5 minutes
  • Cook time: 30 minutes
  • Recipe yield: 2 cups

Ingredients Required

  • 4 cups of distilled water
  • 4 cloves of sliced garlic
  • 2 ½  tablespoons of kosher or sea salt
  • ¼ cup of Braggs liquid amino acids, soy sauce, tamari or shoyu.
  • ¼ ounce dried shiitake (If you want a shiitake mushroom substitute, 8 ounces fresh portobello or cremini mushrooms will suffice).
  • 4 x 8-inch sheet of wakame seaweed (dehydrated)
  • Optional: Smoked Shoyu,1 grilled onion, black garlic, rice wine (1 tsp)

Vegan Fish Sauce Cooking Instructions

To make your fish sauce gluten free, remember to sub out any ingredients from the list above for gluten-free options. Fish sauce recipes are very forgiving and adapt well to personal taste.

Start by putting everything in a medium-size saucepan and allow it to come to a gentle simmer. Let it simmer on a medium flame until the amount of liquid has been reduced by half. The total left should equal 2 cups give or take.

Before you refrigerate fish sauce, let it steep in a container overnight, or for as long as 24 hours. Placing it in a covered container on your counter will suffice. After it has sufficiently steeped, filter it into a glass jar. Make sure it is at least 2 cups to maintain the right amount of salty fishy flavor.

Don’t worry about how long does fish sauce last, the ingredients are similar to brine and ill last as long as 6 months in your fridge. There are about 35 calories per 100 grams of vegan fish sauce which makes it a perfect sauce for those on a restricted meal plan. As far as fish sauce nutrition, there is only 1 carb, no cholesterol, no dietary fiber, but is does have a high percentage of sodium so keep that in mind if you have heart health concerns. This vegan recipe can be used anywhere fish sauce is called for in the same measurements. For an extra boost, add smoked Shoyu or black garlic for a truly unique flavor profile.