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Alaskan King Crab Portions Recipe

October 17, 2019

Alaskan King Crab

Alaskan King Crab Portions

Do you like crab? Then you should check out this video on grilling Alaskan King Crab Portions! It is amazing!




Grilled Alaskan King Crab legs are unforgettable. The best part is just how easy grilled crab legs are. The recipe for colossal king crab legs is astonishingly simple. The hardest part is just getting the crab legs, and even that’s easy! Not to mention the king crab legs market price is far from prohibitive.


You may be surprised to know that crab is also very healthy. It’s high in phosphorus, which promotes bone growth. Like most sea foods, it’s high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which are critical to the function of your body and something most people are a little deficient in. It bolsters your immune system with selenium. It’s high in protein. The list goes on, and the reasons to avoid it are zero.


So, know we all want some crab. It’s easy to try your hand with crab legs. But what about cooking King Crab legs specifically? They are well known as high quality items that some people are afraid of messing up. Nobody wants to be remembered as the person who served bad crab legs and think that they must start smaller because little crabs are somehow easier.

Don’t be fooled. The Alaskan King Crab, also known as the colossal king crab, is just as easy. There are many great grilled king crab legs recipes. This one is the best way to cook king crab legs, and naturally it’s going to be on the grill. Thankfully, it’s very ingredient light and takes just thirty minutes to make: 10 to prep and 20 for the crab legs to cook.




4 lemon slices

Unsalted butter


Sea salt

4 Alaskan King Crab legs


Yep, that’s it. Now the process. First, Set your grill to medium high heat. Next set out four sheets of aluminum foil. After that, you’ll have to place one leg on each piece. Squeeze the lemon slice over the leg and set it next to the leg on the foil. Dot the leg with garlic butter. Sprinkle sea salt over it. If you want, you can add some black pepper. If you do, be wary not to go overboard, as the pepper’s strong flavor can drown the dish if you’re not careful.



Place another sheet of foil over each leg. Roll the edges together to make sealed packets, so that nothing escapes while the crab legs are cooking. Place these onto your preheated grill and cover. Let them cook for 20 minutes, or until the outside is pink and the meat is opaque. It’s much worse if you undercook crab than overcook it, so if you’re not totally sure, let it sit for a few more minutes before you take it out.



While they are cooking, you’re going to make some garlic butter sauce. First, melt your garlic butter over low heat. Chop a clove of garlic- very finely- and add it to the melted butter. Sprinkle a little sea salt into the mixture. Keep the liquid warm and melted until you’re ready to serve. If you want, chop up a little parsley to make the flavor a little more distinct and the appearance a lot more appetizing.


Once the crab legs are done cooking, verify that they are ready to serve. Make sure to use tongs when removing them from the grill- the packets will be very hot and contain steam that can burn you if it rushes out all at once. Unwrap them and serve them alongside your garlic butter sauce. Some parsley for garnish can make the meal look like something straight out of a five-star restaurant. You’ll be sure to garner plenty of attention when you make this meal. Enjoy it!

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