Alaska Dover Sole Fillets

Alaska Dover Sole Fillets

by Nikolai Nikitenko March 20, 2016

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Healthy eating without sacrificing flavor

We all know we should eat right and take good care of our bodies, but it can be hard to get started when you're not sure exactly what ″healthy″ foods look like. It's not just boring salads and tasteless rice cakes. We're here to tell you that eating healthy is as easy as adding rich and tasty seafood to your diet! It's scrumptious, nutritious, and affordable, thanks to modern fishing and processing methods and easy internet ordering. That's all fine and dandy, but what you really want to know if how to add more healthy seafood to your diet and what to do with it. We've compiled a great list of healthy, satisfying, and delicious easy flounder recipes and simple sole recipes to help get you started. Read on and soon you'll be sitting down to a moist, flaky flounder or sole fillet.

Fresh or frozen?

While it's always nice to have a good selection of fresh wild seafood nearby, it's not possible for everyone. That's why we're happy to report that fresh flounder recipes and frozen flounder recipes are interchangeable. Some Alaskan flounder and sole can be cooked from frozen, and others can simply be thawed, but the results will be the same: DELICIOUS. The benefit to frozen seafood is convenience and price. Ordering flounder online and ordering sole online means fast delivery to your door and a stock of top-quality seafood in your freezer whenever you need it.

White fish benefits

Seafood is a healthy choice overall, but white fish, such as flounder and sole, is among the favorites for healthful eating. It's mild in flavor, easy to prepare, and goes well with many different side dishes. Its versatility is only one of its many benefits. Some of the health benefits include:

  • great source of high-quality protein
  • excellent source of dietary vitamin D
  • source of Omega-3 fatty acids
  • source of iodine
  • low in fat
  • low calorie food

With a list like that, it's easy to see how adding wild flounder or delicious Dover sole to your menu can help pack on the health benefits. Seafood is good for cardiovascular health, helps reduce obesity, is great for eye health, and so much more. Doctors and nutritionists agree that seafood is a smart choice for healthy living.

A selection of flounder and sole

Our healthy flounder recipes include a scrumptious stuffed flounder, a tangy flounder Mediterranean, and some great baked and pan-seared flounder recipes. Our sole recipes include a tangy citrus sole, unique Dover sole Baja tacos, and seared sole on spicy sesame noodles, just to name a few. Spicy, savory, or sweet, we have a little something for everyone here, and we're always looking for even more options. From our kitchen to yours, we want to help you eat better. Each quick recipe on our site comes with simple instructions, a complete ingredient list, and will satisfy even the pickiest eaters. Fried, baked, grilled, in the oven, and broiled, you'll find something here to please. Most of our recipes can be adjusted to fit specific dietary needs, too, so don't be afraid to try something new.

What goes well with white fish?

Most of these recipes come with side dish ideas, or are complete meals in themselves, it's good to have multiple options or to see some tips on what else goes well with seafood. Pasta goes great with white fish such as flounder and sole. Mix it in with the fish or serve it on the side. For lower calorie options, use a lighter sauce or dressing, or a simple drizzle of olive oil and sprinkle of cheese works well too. Rice is another great option for a side. Whether plain steamed white rice or a fancier rice pilaf, it's a healthy and satisfying addition to your flounder or sole meal. Don't skimp on the fresh vegetables; salads of all kinds go great with a freshly baked white fish fillet. If you're looking for more veggies in your diet but desire something warmer than a salad, go for sliced and steamed veggies such as zucchini and yellow squash or fresh steamed snap peas.

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