Pacific Cod Steamed

Pacific Cod Steamed

by Nikolai Nikitenko March 20, 2016

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Roasted Pollock and Cod

Roasted Pollock and Cod

by Nikolai Nikitenko January 02, 2016

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Easy cod recipes

Cod is a popular white fish used in many types of cuisine. From simple fried fish and chips to more extravagant fare, cod is a go-to source of low fat, high-quality protein with a mild and pleasing taste. Cod is know for rarely tasting ″fishy″ and for absorbing the flavors of any herbs, spices, or sauces you add to the meal. Marinating helps bring more flavor to each bite, and cod is an excellent seafood choice for marinating successfully. Cod fillets are easy to handle and work well: grilled, pan fried, baked, and pan-seared. Each of our Pacific cod recipes fits into our beginner to intermediate cooking skill scale, and make excellent choices for fast work night meals, and some are great for fancier events, too. Casual or fine-dining, there's wild pacific cod recipes here for everyone. Bonus: the recipes also work well for any white fish, including pollock, halibut, and flounder!

Why cod?

Cod is suitable for most types of meat-friendly specialty diets, including low fat, low carb, and paleo, as well as diets with fewer restrictions. Because it's so mild, cod goes well with spicy, savory, and sweet flavors, leaving you lots of room to experiment! Whether you plan to serve full fillets as a main course or plan to flake the cooked meat to use in soups, stews, or pasta dishes, cod should be your first choice for mild-tasting white fish that's easy to prepare and delicious to eat. In addition to the taste and texture aspect of cod, it also has a ton of awesome health benefits.

A few benefits of cod:

  • great source of high-quality protein
  • excellent source of dietary vitamin D
  • source of Omega-3 fatty acids
  • source of iodine
  • low in fat
  • low calorie food

Now that you know why we love cod so much, are you ready for some pacific cod fillet recipes? We've collected some of the best cod recipes right here to teach you how to cook pacific cod, each including ingredient lists and simple directions on how to make each perfect every time.

Kitchen skill: beginner to intermediate

Most of these recipes are simple and straight-forward, so we're calling them beginner to intermediate recipes. If you've been searching for a quick work night dinner or healthy weekend option when you don't feel like spending all day in the kitchen, these cod recipes should be exactly what you've been seeking. You might even have all these things in your kitchen right now! Explore things like Alaskan honey Sriracha cod and noodles, Alaskan cod brandade with warm citrus olives, or a delicious cod acqua pazza. For a twist on a classic, try our Alaskan cod (or pollock) rueben sandwich, or beer-battered cod and onion rings. There's so much flavor to explore here, we hope you'll grab some of our Pacific cod fillets and try them all.

What goes well with cod?

Some of these recipes come with side dish suggestions, or are complete meals in themselves, we know it's always nice to have more options or tips on what else goes well with cod. Pasta goes great with most seafood. Either mixed in with the cod or served on the side with a rich and creamy white sauce, pasta and cod is a perfect way to keep you satisfied. Whether you prefer plain steamed white rice or a fancier rice pilaf, rice mixes well with the tender, white flesh of cod cooked many different ways. You can't go wrong with fresh vegetables, so salads of all kinds go great with a freshly baked, broiled, or grilled cod fillet. Don't forget your steamed veggies such as zucchini and yellow squash or fresh steamed snap peas. These all complement cod!

Closing thoughts on cod

It's fun to experiment with fish, and cod is one of the best fish to play with. No matter your preferred style, we think the best way to cook cod is how you like it best! It's a cost-effective, easy to handle, and delicious seafood option, so we hope this recipe collection has helped inspire you.

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