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Jumbo Shrimps

September 19, 2019




Here at Global Seafoods North America we only serve the highest quality, environmentally friendly seafood. This is especially apparent with our wild caught Mexican blue shrimps.

The process starts with the fishermen. The fishermen ride in small boats called ‘Pangas’ which burn far less fuel than traditional fishing boats reducing the emissions that are released into the atmosphere. The fishermen use an artisanal method of fishing in which the wind and tides are used to drift a highly selective suripera net in the water. The method was created by local fishermen who wanted to protect their local ecosystem from the effects of overfishing. The ‘suripera’ net is specifically used for catching live shrimps and will rarely if ever pick up anything else, allowing for the lowest by-catch rate per pound in the industry.

After catching these jumbo shrimps, they are sorted through. We only retain high quality big shrimps to sell to our customers. Following the highest international standards, we then blast freeze the shrimp, process them, and ship them out within hours of capture to ensure we are sending out the freshest and best shrimps in the world.

We are also committed to protecting the ocean by reducing the effect of destructive fishing practices. Through fair trade fishermen will earn extra income to invest in projects to support their local ecosystem and communities which provide us with these excellent seafood shrimps.

Our wild caught shrimps will never contain any chemicals!  Many producers of shrimps will fill their products with additional chemicals and salts in order to artificially boost size or flavor.  Our wild saltwater shrimps are naturally large and have a naturally sweet flavor with a nice tender texture. These are guaranteed to be some of the most luxurious, tender, and delicious jumbo shrimps you have ever had.


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