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Rockfish Fillets

March 12, 2020


Rockfish Fillets


Rougheye Rockfish

Rockfish is a less common type of seafood that you've probably never tasted fresh unless you live in the Northwestern United States.  

Luckily for you, Global Seafoods North America processes and flash freezes rockfish so that you can enjoy fresh tasting, wild Pacific rockfish no matter where you live. We process our rockfish immediately and flash freeze to ensure optimal taste and texture. We ship our rockfish fillets over dry ice, so they arrive at your door still frozen.  


What is Rockfish?  

Rockfish are a fish that troll the deep cold waters of the Pacific Ocean, often hiding under and in between rocks for safety and food. Fishers catch rockfish usually while fishing for other types of seafood. These accidental catches come aboard boats and are processed into fillets and sold in limited numbers. Due to the limited numbers of catches allowed, rockfish are available during certain times only, so don't miss out on the opportunity to try this phenomenal catch. 

Rockfish are a long-lived fish, the oldest ever caught was estimated to be approximately 200 years old! 

Types of Rockfish

There are several types of rockfish: 

  • Black Rockfish
  • Redbanded Rockfish
  • Yellowtail Rockfish
  • Copper Rockfish
  • Yelloweye Rockfish
  • Rougheye Rockfish
  • China Rockfish
  • Black and Yellow Rockfish
  • Vermillion Rockfish 
  • And More! 

Most species of Alaska rockfish are regulated by the fishing authorities, with some being more regulated than others. Wild rockfish is the only way you will find this seafood. Rockfish is not a farmed fish. 


What is Rougheye Rockfish?  

Rougheye rockfish are one of the longest-lived species of rockfish with an average lifespan of well over 100 years. The name, rougheye rockfish, comes from a row of spines underneath their lower eyelid. Rougheye rockfish do form schools from time to time, making them easier to catch at certain times of the year, especially during spawning season. 

Rougheye Rockfish Taste:

Rockfish is known for its large flakey texture and a mild taste. Rockfish is slightly sweet and is used in virtually any white fish recipe. 

Rockfish Recipes:  

Rockfish is suitable for most recipes calling for a flakey white fish. Grilled rockfish recipes may require some careful consideration or use of tinfoil pans given the flakey nature of the fish. 

Rockfish is suitable for:

  • Grilled Rockfish
  • Pan-seared Rockfish
  • Poached Rockfish
  • Baked Rockfish
  • Steamed Rockfish
  • Broiled Rockfish


  • Panko-crusted Rockfish
  • Rockfish Almondine
  • Rockfish with Citrus and Herbs
  • Grilled Garlic and Herb Rockfish
  • Blackened Rockfish

Blackened grilled rockfish recipes make delicious rockfish tacos! 

Rockfish Nutrition Facts: 

Rockfish is healthy, with only 102 calories in one 4oz fillet. As a lean fish, you should be careful not to overcook and dry out your rockfish, especially with grilled rockfish recipes.  

Rockfish is high in vitamins b12 and D, making it an excellent choice for your heart. Rockfish is also extremely high in selenium, which is vital for many bodily functions, including your thyroid function.  


The American Heart Association recommends at least two servings of lean fish a week. Two servings of rougheye rockfish a week would meet AHA recommendations for your intake of heart-healthy seafood.

Buying Rockfish 

Unless you live in the Pacific Northwest, you won't be able to find rockfish fresh, be cautious of any east-coast market claiming to have fresh rockfish. 

Rougheye rockfish fillets are available frozen through Global Seafoods. When you order Alaska rockfish fillets from us, we guarantee the freshest flavor and texture possible because of how carefully we process our rockfish. Shipped to you over dry ice ensures your rockfish is still frozen when delivered to your door. 

Check out the video above to get a peek at our frozen rougheye rockfish fillets!


Rockfish Fillets


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