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Grilled Black Cod Alder Smoked On A Gas Grill

March 31, 2016

Sablefish on Grill

Grilled Black Cod Alder Smoked On A Gas 


Black Cod (Sablefish)


Alder smoked black cod is a top-notch recipe for anyone who likes the black cod fish. It’s a fish with good natural flavors and health benefits very similar to salmon. Some options for preparing it will smother the flavor and leave you wondering what makes it so good. As such, it’s important to be armed with knowledge about preparing the black cod sablefish, so you’re not left wondering, “what is black cod, anyways?”



The MSC and FDA both agree that Alaskan sablefish is very healthy, answering the question of where to buy black cod from. It makes its home near the muddy ocean floor of the North Pacific and is very healthy, providing plenty of Omega-3 fatty acids and several vitamins, such as B12. B12 is associated with energy levels.


It gets its name from the similar profile to cod and the black coloration of its skin. Sablefish are predators in their adult life, eating pretty much anything foolish enough to come near. They even eat squid and jellyfish. They’re also known to travel as far as 2000 kilometers between captures, an impressive distance even in a car. And they swim the whole thing. Now, onto how to cook black cod!


Alder-Smoked Alaskan Black Cod



2-3 pounds of Sablefish fillets, skin on

1 cup of smoked salt

Olive oil (just enough to cover your fish)

15-20 pieces fresh dill

1-piece fresh ginger

Soaked Alder planks


You’ll want a grater, a couple small bowls, a cutting board, and a sharp knife. It’s very important to use a sharp knife! If your blade is too dull, you risk pulling the fish. Worse, you could injure yourself if it snags then suddenly comes free. Don’t take the risk- take care of your tools. 


Cut your fillets into even thirds, as shown in the video. Try to keep the thirds as close in weight as possible, so they cook at the same speed. If you make them too different, the fish may cook unevenly, resulting in overcooked fish, or worse- undercooked fish. Put in the effort to get this right, so you can have the best meal possible. It’s worth it!


Next, brush the skin sides with olive oil. Place them on the soaked planks, skin-down. Once that’s done, brush the oil evenly onto the other side. That’s very important to get right, to ensure even cooking of the fish and prevent it from getting oily.


Then, take the dill and chop it up very small. Avoid having large pieces that could get stuck in teeth or ruin the texture of the dish. Place it into a bowl once you’re done. Grate the ginger to a medium thickness, as shown in the video. Take a small amount of olive oil and put it in the mixture. Try to keep the mixture fairly thick so it will spread on the fish later, but still wet enough to spread around.


Heat a grill to medium-high, and let it warm up. Place your planks on it and close the lid. Keep them centered, again to ensure even cooking. After 5 to 7 minutes, open the lid and spread your ginger, olive oil, and dill mixture onto the fish. Aim to cover as much of the fish as possible. Don’t worry if it runs off the plank, that just means you used enough. Sprinkle a light amount of smoked salt onto the fish and close the lid.


After another 7-10 minutes, you’re done! Go ahead and serve. The total cooking time for this meal is 20-30 minutes, and it serves 6. Expect to wow anyone you use this recipe for!

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