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Does Fish Oil Thin Your Blood?

March 26, 2018

Does Fish Oil Thin Your Blood?

Does Fish Oil Thin Your Blood? A basic guide to taking fish oil before medical procedures.

You are not feeling so good and the doctor has told you that you need to go into surgery to fix your ailment. You have many questions about risks and benefits, but you know that you will want to do whatever you can to speed up recovery from your medical procedure. Before surgery it is important that you make sure any supplements you are taking are safe for surgery, as some supplements and mediations can cause complications like blood thinning which in the long run increase the risk of complications post surgery. One such supplement, which baffles people as to how risky it is to take before or during surgery, is fish oil.



Omega 3 fish oil capsules can help support your health in many ways. But as other supplements and medications you should always make sure that they are safe to take before surgery. The question does remain, should you stop taking fish oil before surgery? Fish oil falls under the category of blood thinning supplements to avoid before surgery. Taking it right before surgery can increase your chances of excess bleeding during surgery and after, both of which can lead to a life-threatening emergency. One of the benefits of fish oil to the body is it makes blood platelets less likely to clot thus helping with blood flow throughout the body. This benefit becomes a huge risk during surgery where blood loss must be controlled to ensure a strong recovery. Since the platelets don’t clot as easily a surgeon may find it harder to stop blood loss in an incision. This risk is so great that it is suggested that you stop taking fish oil at least 2 weeks before a procedure as simple as a colonoscopy and endoscopy. Be assured though, that if anything does occur during surgery or after surgery the staff at the hospital are well equipped to take control of any situation.

Does Fish Oil Thin Your Blood?

Post Surgery

Post surgery is a completely different story with fish oil. Studies show that taking fish oil capsules shortly after surgery for a few weeks can help reduce inflammation around the incision site and areas of surgery. Inflammation is a natural occurrence in the body that helps curb additional damage and helps the body heal. Too much inflammation can have an opposite effect though, keeping adequate blood from reaching the damaged area and providing oxygen to the cells that are actively repairing your body. This can lead to a longer recovery time, and can actually as a result lead to infection. Fish oil will help reduce that inflammation around the area where the procedure was done, thus helping your blood circulate and help your body heal faster. Make sure though that you are not planning to go into another follow up procedure, as that will change the schedule as to when you can start taking Omega-3 supplements once again.


Of course we at Global Seafoods are not medical doctors, so anything we have said here should only be used as a basic guide to your health. Any questions about what is safe to take before and after surgery should be directed to your surgeon and doctors, as they will have a better idea of what to expect with your body and your specific procedure. Ask a doctor if you have any questions on whether or not you should stop taking fish oil before surgery. Always take your doctor’s suggestions seriously, as they may help prevent any complications during or after your operation. We hope you have a speedy recovery and that you start feeling better quickly!Consult With Your Doctor

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