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Jonah Crab Taste

June 25, 2020


Jonah Crab Taste

If you love seafood and you are a fan of crab meat, you might have heard of several different types of crabs, such as Dungeness crabs and blue crabs. However, you might not have yet tried Jonah crab. You will find that Jonah crab claws have an excellent taste. The Jonah crabs are found and caught along the eastern coast of North America. They can be found from Newfoundland in the north to Florida in the south making it easy to bring wild Jonah crab claws to the table.

In the article, you will learn more about Jonah crab taste, how to eat Jonah crab claws, and more. Also, you will find a simple Jonah crab claws recipe below that you can try.


What is Jonah Crab?

Jonah crabs have a rounded shape with reddish shells and a white underside. These crabs only became popular in the 1990s and later. There was a demand for an alternative to more expensive crab species. The Jonah crab season lasts all year long with both inshore and offshore crab and lobster boats hauling the crustaceans to the surface.

They are similar to rock crabs, but the Jonah crabs are larger and have bigger claws. The crabs are meaty and have a flaky texture. Additionally, the Jonah crab legs and claws have a sweet flavor.

Jonah Crab vs. Dungeness Crabs

Due to the flaky texture and sweetness, Jonah crabs are often compared with Dungeness crabs. However, there are some differences. They are darker and have a heavier texture than Dungeness crabs. While many are cooking and eating the Jonah crabs using standard cooking methods, they are also popular for food manufacturers that want to blend them with Dungeness or blue crab meat. This is because Jonah crabs are less expensive.


How to Cook Jonah Crab Claws

Jonah crab meat is often found in restaurants, but you can also find Jonah crab claws for sale that you can bring home and cook on your own. One of the benefits of these crabs is that they can be used in any recipe that requires crab meat. This includes dips, crab cakes, soups, and more. However, they also make an excellent entrée.

Most of the time, you will find Jonah crab claws for sale that are fully cooked and sold frozen. They will need to be thawed out before they can be served chilled, or before you reheat them. You can defrost them in the refrigerator overnight. If you need to have them thawed faster, you could put them under cold running water for about half an hour.

The best way to heat the Jonah crab claws is by boiling or steaming them. Place them in boiling water or steam them for about three to four minutes. You do not want to boil or steam them for too long, as there is a danger of overcooking them.

They can be served with a range of different types of sauces for dipping if you choose, such as cocktail sauce, garlic butter, or mustard sauce. Of course, they can also be served chilled if you need.

How to Eat Jonah Crab Claws

You will find that eating Jonah crab claws is no different from eating the crab claws from other species. Whether eating them chilled or heated, you can simply use a mallet or other tools to crack the shell on the claws. Remove the shell and pull out the meat, which can then be dipped into a sauce of your choice. As mentioned, melted garlic butter or cocktail sauce are good options.

Of course, you can do quite a few other things with the Jonah crab meat rather than just dipping it into the sauce. You can collect the meat from several crabs and make a sandwich spread, crab cakes, and more as discussed earlier. You will discover plenty of uses for this versatile food.


Simple Jonah Crab Recipe

Below, we will look at a simple Jonah crab claws recipe with some lemon butter that you can make relatively easily. The recipe below will serve two people.


You will want to have about one pound per person when serving the Jonah crab claws as your main course. Typically, you will get a pound of meat from about six medium-to-large size claws. This means you would likely want to have at least six of these crabs for a filling entrée for two people. You can easily remove the claws from the rest of the crab by cracking and cutting the joint just behind the claws.

  • Two pounds of crab claws, thawed
  • ¼ cup melted butter
  • 1 lemon, wedged


Thaw the Jonah crab claws overnight or under running water, as mentioned. Once they are thawed, you will boil them for about three to four minutes. If you prefer the crab meat chilled, you do not have to boil them.


While the Jonah crabs are boiling, you can start your sauce. Melt the butter into a small saucepan over medium-low heat. When the butter starts to froth, use a spoon to remove it from the surface. Next, stir in a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. Remove from the heat and set it aside. Pour the sauce into two small bowls for dipping.


If you chose to heat your crabs, remove them from the heat when they have finished boiling. Place them on a plate, add the bowl of lemon butter sauce for dipping, along with any other items that you might be serving.

As you can see, this Jonah crab claws recipe is fast and simple, not to mention delicious.


Finding Jonah Crab Claws for Sale

Today, you can find Jonah crab claws for sale in a host of different places. Not only are they on the menu at many restaurants, but you will find that grocery stores, as well as specialty shops online, offer these crabs. They are a tasty and affordable option for those who want to have delicious crabs without paying the high price of Dungeness or blue crabs.