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Red Crab Predators: Who Eats Red Crabs?

September 18, 2023

Red Crab Predators

In the intricate web of coastal ecosystems, red crabs serve as a crucial component of the food chain. While they are remarkable in their own right, they also provide sustenance for a wide range of predators. In this informative guide, we'll delve into the fascinating world of red crab predators and discover the creatures that rely on these crustaceans for their survival.

1. Birds

Seabirds: Numerous seabird species are avid red crab predators. These include frigatebirds, seagulls, pelicans, and various species of terns. They swoop down to coastal areas and feast on red crabs during their breeding and migration seasons.

Landbirds: Some landbirds, such as crows and ravens, also take advantage of red crab migrations when the crabs venture inland. They scavenge on crabs that may not have reached the ocean.

2. Fish

Fish Species: Several fish species are known to feed on red crabs, especially when the crabs are in the water. This includes larger fish like groupers, snappers, and some species of jacks. Red crabs often make up a significant portion of their diet.

3. Reptiles

Land Crabs: In some regions, land crabs, which are closely related to red crabs, may prey on smaller red crabs. This can occur when land crabs find red crabs during migrations or while foraging near the coast.

4. Marine Mammals

Seals and Sea Lions: In coastal areas where red crabs are abundant, seals and sea lions may venture onto the shore to catch red crabs during their breeding seasons. Red crabs provide a nutrient-rich food source for these marine mammals.

5. Other Crustaceans

Cannibalism: Red crabs themselves may resort to cannibalism, especially when they are molting or vulnerable. Larger crabs may prey on smaller or weaker members of their own species.

6. Humans

While not natural predators in the ecosystem, humans are significant consumers of red crabs. They catch, cook, and enjoy red crabs in various culinary dishes.


The world of red crab predators is a diverse and complex one, showcasing the interdependence of species in coastal ecosystems. While red crabs provide vital nutrition for various creatures, they also contribute to the balance of these ecosystems through nutrient recycling and other ecological roles. Understanding the dynamics of red crab predators helps us appreciate the intricate relationships within coastal habitats and the importance of preserving these environments.

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