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Seafood keto diet

May 06, 2020


Benefits of Seafood in a Keto Diet 

The ketogenic diet, or the keto diet for short, is one of the most well-researched ways of eating that has a broad range of potential health benefits, not limited to just losing weight. 

The keto diet can improve cardiovascular health, slow tumor growth in some cancers, reduce seizures in children with epilepsy, and lower insulin levels. 


The ketogenic diet changes the way your body creates, stores, and uses energy. Instead of carbohydrates being the primary source of fuel for your body, in ketosis, your body uses fats as its primary source of fuel. The changes and improvements of your metabolism while "doing keto" can help those who are seeking to lose weight. 


Eating Keto

While following a ketogenic way of eating, protein and fats are your primary source of nutrition. Keto eaters drastically reduce their carbohydrate intake and usually set aside their minimal carbs for low carb fruits and veggies. Breads, cakes, and cookies are generally limited on the keto diet, which can also contribute to healthier eating habits.  


Protein and healthy fats are staple food items while following a keto diet. Protein and fats are where seafood comes in. Seafood and fish are some of the best sources of proteins and healthy fats for any lifestyle, but especially when you are following a keto lifestyle. 

With the exception of breaded and fried fish, almost all seafood and fish are allowed while following a ketogenic diet. You can even find recipes to make keto fried fish and keto tuna melts. The trick to eating your favorite seafood dishes while following a keto diet is to find keto-friendly variations for your favorite recipes. 


If you're seeking to improve your health through a keto diet, we can help you navigate the best fish for the keto diet. We can even help you come up with some keto-friendly alternatives, such as keto salmon pattiesketo fish casseroleketo fish tacos, and even keto fried fish


How to Start Going Keto 

There are a variety of reasons why people choose to change their eating habits. No matter the reasons behind your choice, here are a few tips to help you get started on a ketogenic lifestyle. 

Foods to Eat: 

The science behind the keto diet involves the mechanisms under which your body uses energy to support your bodily functions. Under a 

Standard American Diet, your body utilizes carbohydrates for a primary energy source. Many feel that an overabundance of carbs, and in particular, processed sugars, creates an imbalance in your body that leads to inflammation and other health issues. 


The key to the keto diet is using the food you eat to get your body to enter ketosis. In laymen's terms, ketosis is a state in which your liver converts fats into ketones so that your body can use those ketones as a source of energy in place of the carbs you are no longer eating. The area most studied for the benefits of ketosis is in pediatric epilepsy. Scientists don't know precisely why ketosis helps lessen seizures in epileptic children. Still, studies indicate it has to do with the way the brain metabolizes ketones for energy and the stabilizing effect that has on overactive neurons.  

Restricting your calorie intake while following a keto diet causes your body to use reserved fat stores for energy while helping you lose weight. 

*You should always consult with your doctor before making any significant health or lifestyle changes. The jury is still out on the long-term effects of a ketogenic diet. Medically, the ketogenic diet is primarily used to treat diabetes and uncontrolled pediatric epilepsy. * 

Foods to Avoid: 

To keep your body using fat for energy, you should avoid certain foods while following a keto protocol. By avoiding these things, you should remain in ketosis. 

  • Grains: Pasta, rice, oatmeals
  • Added sugars and sweeteners 
  • Snacks: Chips, crackers, etc. 
  • Most fruits
  • Starchy vegetables
  • Alcohol (Sorry!)

The idea here isn't that these foods are unhealthy, but they will be counterproductive to the goals of a ketogenic diet. Look for nutrient-dense vegetables such as leafy greens and other non-starchy vegetables to feed your body the nutrition it needs. High-quality fats and proteins like those in seafood will help keep you full and reach your health goals. 

Keto Seafood List

While virtually any fish or seafood is an excellent choice for a keto diet, some of the fish we offer is a better choice than others because of their higher nutritional value. At Global Seafoods, we source only high-quality, wild-caught seafood, which is rich in heart-healthy omega-three fatty acids that help promote better health and nutrition. 

Keto Diet Fish: 

We offer a wide variety of healthy and keto-friendly seafood choices that will inspire you to reach your goals while enjoying some of the best tasting seafood our seas have to offer. Eating healthy can be delicious and exciting, especially when you incorporate creative and decadent keto fish into your meal plans.  

From Keto fish sticks to keto seafood chowder, with the right ingredients and recipes, you can make just about any of your favorite seafood dishes into the best keto fish recipes. 

Keto Seafood List:

Changing your eating habits can be overwhelming. With so many new concepts to focus on, it can be confusing to navigate the ketogenic lifestyle. We want to help you by explaining some of our favorite fish for keto eating. Our keto seafood guide will hopefully alleviate some of the stress and confusion of changing your eating habits for the better.

So, let's enjoy some seafood keto style! 

Keto Tuna Fish:

 Our sashimi grade Ahi Tuna steaks are a perfect option for a keto diet. By pan-searing our Ahi tuna in sesame oil, you can give yourself a delicious and healthy meal that will keep you full and satisfied. Tuna is keto friendly and tastes fantastic. Enjoy Ahi tuna in keto tuna cakes (with keto bread crumbs), keto tuna salad, tuna sashimi, and more! Make a tuna salad keto by enjoying it on top of a bed of mixed greens instead of sandwiched between two slices of bread. Keto tuna fish made with low carb seasonings and marinades adds flavor and variety to your keto diet. Keto tuna helps support muscle and bone health with its high amounts of protein and Vitamin D. Enjoy a tuna keto meal by incorporating fresh high-fiber greens and healthy fats for a filling meal.  

Keto Cod:

Pacific cod is a lean white fish with a mild flavor. While a leaner white fish, cod is full of healthy proteins, vitamins, and minerals that can help boost your nutrition. Create an ultimate keto baked cod by skipping the bread crumbs and drenching your cod fillets in parmesan cheese and ground almonds. Baked cod keto style is so savory and delicious we promise you won't miss the bread crumbs. Don't forget that butter is keto approved! Pan searing cod fillets in butter and olive oil creates a terrific keto fried cod.  

Enjoying lots of healthy fats and proteins helps keep you from feeling deprived of flavor while creating new healthy habits in your life. Fried cod and baked cod keto are easy to make and keep you in ketosis. When preparing to incorporate seafood into your keto diet, don't forget low carb flavor combinations such as butter and garlic, or lemon.

You can create unique low car breading out of cheeses and groundnuts. You can even create a keto fish fry by substituting coconut flour or almond meal for breading and batter recipes. Don't forget to try keto fish tacos using keto-friendly or low carb tortillas! 


Keto Salmon:

Salmon is one of the best seafoods for keto eating. Salmon is a fatty keto fish, and when you are eating a keto diet, fats are fantastic! Foods that are high in healthy fats are the key to keeping your body in ketosis, which means your body is using your fat stores for energy rather than the carbs that you eat. Keto salmon dinners keep you on track while enjoying fresh and flavorful meals! Salmon is keto-friendly, delicious tasting, and versatile. Using high-quality salmon, you can create your favorite dishes using keto-friendly variations. Make Keto salmon cakes using ground up pork rinds or almonds. Create a keto smoked salmon brine using low or no-calorie sweeteners such as monk fruit sweeteners or chicory root. Keto salmon meals don't need to be complicated. A few handy substitutions can convert non-keto recipes into keto recipes quickly and easily. 

Create keto baked salmon or keto grilled salmon by incorporating low carb seasoning and flavors. Citrus can still be keto friendly and an excellent marinade for salmon. Like cod, include healthy oils like butter and olive oil in your salmon keto recipes to create satisfying and filling meals that will keep you in ketosis. A keto salmon salad over mixed greens with avocado creates a beautiful and great tasting keto-friendly lunch or dinner. 

With a healthy fat content and fantastic flavor, salmon is one of the best fish to eat on keto. Salmon is rich in potassium, selenium, and B vitamins, which all can support your body while you transition to a healthier lifestyle. 

Keto Crab:

Are crab legs keto?  

Real crab meat is keto-friendly, whereas imitation crab meat often contains hidden carbs that can throw you out of keto. Crab is high in proteins and other minerals, making it an excellent choice while following a keto diet. Keto crab recipes should avoid things like bread crumbs and flours. If you're craving keto crab cakes, look for methods that use almond flour or coconut flour in place of all-purpose flour. Since fats are ok while following a keto diet, keto crab salad and keto crab dip are both excellent choices. Instead of dipping crackers or toast points into your keto crab dip, opt for veggies such as celery sticks, bell pepper, or raw zucchini for dipping. When making a crab salad keto, remember always to choose fresh or frozen real crab. Imitation crab won't be keto-friendly. 

Our crab ships to you still frozen over dry ice and can be used cold or reheated for a warm crab salad or warm crab dip. Keto doesn't have to be difficult for you. Order your favorite keto-friendly seafood right now without having to leave the comfort of your home. 

Keto Lobster:

Is Lobster Keto?  

Yes! Lobster is perfect for following a keto protocol. Carb free, sweet and savory, lobster is ideal for a keto-friendly dinner. And since fats are beneficial on a keto diet, feel free to dip your lobster into lots of delicious melted butter! 

Keto lobster recipes include keto lobster salad, keto lobster bisque, a keto lobster boil, and more! You just might have to leave behind the bulky hoagie roll with your lobster salad. Lobster keto recipes don't have to be boring either. You can create low-carb versions of your favorites like lobster alfredo and lobster fritters. Don't forget lobster mac and cheese using cauliflower instead of pasta! 

Get Creative:

With a little bit of creativity and some extra ingredients, you can pack your pantry and freezer full of everything you need for keto-friendly seafood recipes. Whether you're craving keto fish cakes or lobster and shrimp alfredo, there's a keto-friendly recipe that will be delicious and keep you burning those ketones! 

You don't have to eliminate your favorite foods when changing to a keto way of eating. Several simple changes and substitutions can help you recreate your favorites in a much healthier and keto-friendly way. Try using spaghetti squash or "pasta zero" in place of pasta for a keto-friendly shrimp scampi. Make keto fish sauce made without carbs using grass-fed butter and extra virgin olive oil. Small amounts of citrus add lots of flavor with minimal carbs. A keto seafood boil incorporates all of your favorite seafood choices, leave out the potatoes or the corn and choose keto-friendly sides to go with your shellfish for a fun backyard fish BBQ that won't leave you missing out! 

Transitioning to a healthier way of eating and creating new habits doesn't have to create stress in your life. Many of your classic seafood favorites can easily convert to keto-friendly recipes. When it comes to dinner ideas on a keto diet, don't forget to incorporate lots of healthy high protein fish options. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What Sushi Can I Eat on Keto? 

While sushi isn't a keto-friendly choice, you can enjoy sashimi without the rice while maintaining a keto diet. While dining at a sushi restaurant, stick to the miso soups, sashimi, pickled vegetables, and other delicious low carb Japanese options. While following a keto diet, some of your favorite places to eat may no longer be the best choice, but there are plenty of restaurants and dining experiences out there that offer keto-friendly options. Some of the best seafood restaurants out there can easily accommodate your keto preferences since seafood is such a keto-friendly food. 

Why am I hungry on Keto?

Transitioning to a new diet can leave many people feeling hungry. Cutting carbohydrates from your diet often means you are eating less fiber, which is what makes you feel fuller for longer. Try to focus on eating high-fiber low carb vegetables with your proteins and fats to help you feel satiated. Some great keto-friendly vegetable choices include bell peppers, broccoli, asparagus, zucchini, spinach, mushrooms, avocados, cabbage, and green beans. These veggies will help you feel full with and support your nutrition while transitioning to a keto lifestyle. 

Veggies are a great way to replace some of your former favorites. Spaghetti squash and zucchini make excellent pasta substitutions while keeping your carbs down. Leafy greens are low carb, full of filling fiber, and include the vitamins and minerals you need to keep your nutrition balanced. 

Don't forget to stay hydrated while transitioning to healthier eating habits. People often become dehydrated when changing their eating habits. Focus on water-rich, fiber-containing foods to keep you hydrated and full.  

What is Keto Salmon? 

Salmon is one of the best sources of protein and healthy fats while on a keto diet. Salmon is full of healthy Omega-3 fatty acids that support your cardiovascular health while helping you reach ketosis. When making salmon, be sure to avoid hidden carbohydrates in marinades and seasonings. Stick with fresh ingredients and flavors when making any keto fish dinner. 

Certain types of salmon may be better than others when transitioning to keto. King salmon and coho salmon are higher in the healthy omega-3 and fish oils than other variations of salmon. Stock up on king or coho salmon to meet your nutritional and keto needs. 

Going Keto: 

Making lifestyle changes can be challenging. Seafood is an excellent way to meet your dietary and nutritional needs. Seafood is some of the healthiest foods you can eat. Place an order with us today, and you will be on your way to having a freezer full of your favorite keto-friendly seafood. 

At Global Seafoods, we source only the best wild-caught seafood, which is quickly processed and frozen to preserve the best flavor and texture of our seafood. We ship directly to your door over dry ice, so we can guarantee our seafood will arrive to you still frozen. 

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