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Flounder Fishing with Live Bait: Tips and Tricks for a Successful Catch

May 16, 2023

Flounder Fishing with Live Bait: Tips and Tricks for a Successful Catch

Flounder Fishing with Live Bait

Flounder fishing can be a challenging and exciting experience, especially when using live bait. Live bait can be a highly effective way to catch flounder, but it requires some specific techniques and strategies. In this post, we’ll share some of the best tips and tricks for using live bait to catch flounder.

Choose the Right Bait

When it comes to using live bait for flounder, there are a few different types that tend to work well. One of the most popular is mud minnows. These small, brownish-gray fish are found in coastal waters and are a favorite of flounder. Other good live bait options for flounder include finger mullet, shrimp, and small crabs.

Rigging Techniques

Once you’ve chosen your live bait, it’s important to rig it correctly for the best chance of catching flounder. One popular rig for flounder fishing is the Carolina rig. This rig consists of a weight, swivel, leader, and hook. The weight sits on the bottom, while the bait is suspended above it. This setup allows the bait to move around naturally in the water, making it more enticing to flounder.

Another rig that can be effective for flounder fishing is the drop shot rig. This rig uses a weight at the end of the line, with the bait suspended above it on a hook. The weight keeps the bait close to the bottom, where flounder are often found.

Tips for Fishing with Live Bait

When fishing with live bait, there are a few tips to keep in mind. First, it’s important to keep your bait as lively as possible. Flounder are more likely to go after a bait that’s moving around in the water. To keep your bait lively, you can use an aerator or change the water in your bait bucket frequently.

Another tip is to be patient. Flounder can be slow to bite, so it’s important to give them plenty of time to take the bait. It’s also a good idea to use a sensitive rod and reel setup, so you can feel when a flounder is nibbling at your bait.


Q: What is the best time of day to fish for flounder with live bait?

A: Flounder are most active during the early morning and late afternoon.

Q: What size hook should I use for flounder fishing with live bait?

A: A size 1 or 2 hook is typically a good choice for flounder fishing.

Q: Can I use frozen bait for flounder fishing?

A: While live bait is generally more effective for flounder fishing, frozen bait can also work in a pinch.


Fishing for flounder with live bait can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it does require some specific techniques and strategies. By choosing the right bait, rigging it correctly, and following some key tips, you can increase your chances of a successful catch. So grab your gear and head out to the water – you never know what you might reel in!

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