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Fake Caviar vs Real Caviar

April 15, 2017

Sturgeon Black Caviar

Beware Fake Caviar

Some people will do anything for a buck, and that includes producing and selling fake caviar. Did you know that most stores do not carry true sturgeon caviar? They know that the usual cost of black caviar will send many people looking for cheaper alternatives, so they often sell fake caviar, hoping you won't know the difference. The problem with this is that if you try fake black caviar, you're not going to get the full, unique, and exquisite taste of the real thing, and you may decide you don't like caviar at all. It's a shame that so many people are tricked into purchasing fake black caviar, and so never truly get to experience the taste, texture, and appeal of the real thing.


While it's true that it can be a little scary to buy caviar online for the first time, and beginners may not know how to tell the difference between real and fake, we're here to help you learn to spot fake caviar and how to find the best best caviar online! Caviar from sturgeon fish is the absolute best of the best, and there are many breeds of sturgeon that produce sturgeon black caviar, such as golden caviar sturgeon and beluga. 

Don't let the name of the sturgeon confuse you though. Black sturgeon caviar and golden caviar price tags should be fairly similar, since they both come from sturgeons. It's worth noting that gold caviar itself is rather special, but we're going to focus on general black caviar information here.

Check the Source of Fake Salmon Roe

When researching where to buy black caviar, or just to buy caviar in general, check the source. Black beluga caviar should come from a reputable farm. Beluga sturgeon caviar price will be higher than a red caviar, but you're paying for quality farming. Quality caviar fish price is higher, therefore the caviar's price will be higher too. Cheap caviar (and fake caviar) often cannot be traced back to a reputable farm. Don't be afraid to ask! Do they claim to have sturgeon golden caviar? Ask for proof!

The Price of Caviar. Why is Imitation Caviar Cheap?

You get what you pay for, they say, and it's true! At first, the black caviar price tag can be shocking compared to red caviar price, but the higher sturgeon caviar price is because real black caviar is expensive to farm. Sturgeon caviar harvesting is labor intensive, and so the best black caviar will have a higher price tag. California sturgeon caviar, for example, will be farmed under strict conditions and quality-checked at every stage. That raises the price of sturgeon caviar, but you know the quality will be high when they harvest fresh caviar. black Russian caviar and American black caviar are the best caviar to buy.

Black Caviar

Sturgeon Caviar

You can find both cheap caviar online and expensive farmed sturgeon caviar just about anywhere, but price is relative. Consider the quality, not just the price of black caviar. To buy the best American caviar, you would expect to pay a little more than a cheaper and possibly fake caviar. The key is to always do your homework on any caviar online shop. 

Beyond the caviar sturgeon price, check out the sturgeon caviar farming practices, too. How are the fish treated? How are they farmed? Is it sustainable and responsible?  While you can buy caviar cheap, would you want to? While a blowout caviar sale from an unknown company might be tempting, do you really know where that product is coming from? It's better to research the source to understand the sturgeon fish caviar price.

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