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All You Need To Know About Rockfish

September 28, 2017

All you Need To Know About Rockfish | Global Seafoods

All you need to know about rockfish: facts, nutrition information, health benefits

For anyone wondering what is rockfish, it’s a common term for fish in the genus sebastes. Alternative names include redfish and Pacific red snapper. There are a huge variety of species in this group that cover a wide range of locations throughout the world with most types concentrated in the northern Pacific ocean.

One thing virtually all versions of rockfish have in common is a delicious flavor that makes them a favorite of both private and commercial fishermen. This popularity has placed some pressure on their populations but they’re still readily available and worth the pursuit. 

Nutrition Benefits 

While their taste is the first thing that attracts any seafood lover to this genus of fish, there’s also a collection of valuable rockfish health benefits offered by just about any member of the group. Is rockfish good for you? Here are the most outstanding advantages found in a typical 5 ounce low-fat fillet. 

*Vitamin B-12
*Vitamin D


The human body uses proteins to create its own proteins that serve as building blocks for everything from muscle tissue to hemoglobin in the blood to bone tissue. Protein comes in a variety of forms, but there are ten essential amino acids in this category that must be included on a daily basis. Five ounces of rockfish supplies two-thirds of the average adult’s general protein requirements but it specifically provides 60% to nearly 100% of seven of the ten essential amino acids including tryptophan, lycine, isoleucine, leucine, valine, histidine, and threonine. Insufficient amounts of these amino acids can result in the body cannibalizing existing muscle tissue to obtain them. 

rock fish

Five ounces of rockfish supplies just over half of the phosphorus recommended for the average adult. This mineral is used by the body to build both teeth and bones along with growing and maintaining other types of cells in the body. It even assists the kidneys in removing impurities from the bloodstream. 

This mineral works best when supplied within the limits of 55 micrograms and 400 micrograms. If levels are too low, problems ranging from brittle nails and hair to hypothyroidism can occur. In excess amounts, this metal can become toxic. It’s especially interesting among rockfish nutrition facts that a 5-ounce rockfish steak provides 114 micrograms. This falls within the safe limits while making it unnecessary to include any other sources. At this level, selenium ensures the proper functioning of the thyroid while also acting as an antioxidant. 


Vitamin B-12
At 2.4 micrograms in a 5-ounce portion, rockfish offers nearly all the vitamin B-12 required for the average adult. This vitamin is utilized to generate myelin needed by neurons in both the brain and the nervous system in general. The damage caused by very low levels of B-12 can be permanent. 


Vitamin D
It’s common knowledge that vitamin D is important to building bones. Not as well known is its use in maintaining cardiovascular health and the immune system. It’s also surprising to know that many people have a vitamin D deficiency. Five ounces of rockfish provide 46% of the daily requirement for the typical adult. 

Diverse Choices
The rockfish nutrition information applies equally to all types, but there’s certainly a bit of diversity in their appearance. There are 109 official species of rockfish that range in color from black, brown, blue, or green to red, yellow, copper, or pink. Members of this genus possess a manageable size range between five and forty inches in length. As a genus, they’ve inhabited the oceans for at least 34 million years. As individuals, some species enjoy an average lifespan of around a century. In fact, one species, the rougheye rockfish, is believed to include individuals living past 200 years.  

A Bit of Caution 

Due to their consumption of other fish combined with their long lifespans, rockfish can accumulate enough mercury in their bodies to make them less than ideal meals for pregnant women and small children. They can be consumed in modest quantities, a serving every one or two weeks, by people in these categories though it’s best to only use line-caught fish. There are no other health risk factors in these fish like abnormal hormones.

How to Eat Them

Are rockfish good to eat? The mildly sweet flesh of rockfish has a solid texture that lends itself to baking, steaming, frying, sauteing, and soups and stews. When considering how to cook rockfish, rockfish can be also grilled, but depending on which chef is asked, using this method to prepare it may result in a fillet that’s a little too tender and flaky. Basically, rockfish possess either red meat or brown meat. As the oilier of the two, brown meat has a shorter shelf life although a week is the overall average.

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