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How to Buy White Fish Fillets

January 13, 2017

white fish


Adding Healthy Fish to Your Diet 

It's a well-known fact that fish is very good for you.  Low fat, high protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and a plethora of vitamins and minerals, it's hard to imagine fish being any better.  Not to mention that the calories in white fish are low compared to other types of seafood.  Of course, add to all those health benefits a wide range of tastes and textures depending on the type of fish, and you have a lot of excellent reasons to add fish to your diet.

 From buttery Salmon to firm white fish fillets, how do you choose the right fish for your needs?  You've come to the right place to answer that question!  We know seafood, and we're happy to help.


Start With White Fish

White Fish like cod are a great place to start experimenting with fish.  There are many types of white fish, but the best white fish to eat comes from Alaska.  The lighter color is appealing in a variety of dishes, and the mild flavor of Alaskan white fish makes it easy to try out new things without being overwhelmed by a strong or "fishy" flavor.  Cod white fish is easy to cook and lends itself well to a wide range of herbs, spices, sauces, and cooking methods. Great white fish has a lot of great qualities, so we'll keep it easy and focus on white cod fish in this article.


What to Look For

white fish

When buying alaska white fish cod for the first time, it's a good idea to start with white fillet fish, meaning fish that's already been cleaned and cut into individual fillets.  This makes it easier on you to just jump in and start cooking without having to learn a new skill, like scaling, cleaning, or slicing the fish.  You can ask the fishmonger or seafood counter employees to fillet white fish for you, or you may select some whitefish fillets already in the case.

 Look for:

  • Firm flesh
  • Translucent to light pink color
  • No strong odors
  • No weeping fluids

Go For Frozen

While it's helpful to know how to choose a fresh white meat fish from the fishmonger, all the choices can be overwhelming!  Add to that how quickly fresh fish can spoil and it makes it difficult to be sure you're getting the best quality.  A great option for beginners and experienced chefs alike is to choose quality frozen white fish fillets from a reputable source.  Be sure the fish is processed fresh, frozen quickly, and shipped to your door.


 How to Cook White Fish

One of the best features of white fish fillet is the fact it cooks very quickly.  That makes it much easier for people with busy lives to still have delicious, healthy fish in their diets.  Here's a few ideas for healthy white fish recipes.

  • Grilled white fish with grilled vegetables
  • Pan-seared with lemon wedges and pepper
  • Baked with teriyaki sauce and rice
  • Battered and deep fried white fish for fish and chips
  • Cut into strips, lightly breaded, and baked as fish sticks
  • Pan fried with butter and garlic
  • Baked White Fish with fresh vegetables
  • Smoke White Fish

Be Creative

Now that you know how to select and buy white fish, and have some ideas how to cook it, it's a great time to check out our selection of white fish and other seafood! 


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