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Top 10 Interesting Maine Lobster Facts - A Deep Dive into Lobster Lore

September 22, 2017

Maine lobster, showcasing its natural green, brown, and blue hues before cooking, symbolizing the rich culinary and cultural significance of Maine's lobster industry

Maine Lobster Facts

Maine lobsters, renowned globally, are not just culinary delights but also fascinating creatures. Here, we delve into the top 10 interesting facts about Maine lobsters, which are at the heart of Maine's culture, from the Maine Lobster Festival to the best lobster rolls in Maine.

1. Long Lifespan and Maine Lobster Prices

Maine lobsters are known for their long lifespans, often living over 100 years. This longevity affects Maine lobster prices, as older, larger lobsters are more valued.

2. Impressive Size and Maine Lobster Tails

These crustaceans can grow significantly, with some Maine lobster tails coming from lobsters weighing over 40 pounds. Typically, the tails used in dishes come from 1-2 pound lobsters.

3. Molting Process and Lobster Season in Maine

Lobsters grow by molting. This is crucial during lobster season in Maine, as fishermen look for hard-shell lobsters, which are better for shipping.

4. Unique Coloration and Live Maine Lobster

Contrary to their cooked red appearance, live Maine lobsters display a mix of green, brown, and blue hues. This unique coloration fascinates seafood enthusiasts.

5. Regeneration Abilities and Maine Lobster Delivery

Known for their ability to regenerate limbs, this trait ensures the quality and completeness of lobsters during Maine lobster delivery.

6. Diet and Getting Maine Lobster

Maine lobsters are omnivores. The diverse diet contributes to their taste, making them a top choice for those looking to get Maine lobster.

7. Communication Their unique communication methods are a topic of interest, especially during gatherings like the Lobster Fest in Maine.

8. Lobster Fishing Industry and Maine Lobster Season

Maine's lobster industry, vital to the state's economy, peaks during the Maine lobster season, with a focus on sustainable practices.

9. Migration and Habitat

Their migration patterns are essential for the lobster festival in Maine, as they move closer to the shore in summer, making them easier to catch.

10. Culinary Delight and Best Lobster Roll in Maine

Maine lobsters are famous for their sweet, tender meat, central to New England cuisine, and sought after for the best lobster roll in Maine.


Maine lobsters, central to events like the Maine Lobster Festival, are not just a culinary treat but also creatures of great intrigue. Their biology, industry, and culinary uses, from live Maine lobster to lobster tails, play a significant role in Maine's culture and economy.

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