The 5 Health Benefits of Caviar!

by Nikolai Nikitenko July 17, 2017

The 5 Health Benefits of Caviar!

Caviar Is Beneficial To Your Health 

Have you ever tasted caviar? It is known to be a delicacy among the affluent population. There is much hype, but few people fall for the little black mound at the first bite. It’s a bit salty and a whole lot fishy. It takes many people three or four tries to really savor the flavor. Caviar is salt-cured fish eggs that are made into a spread or garnish. Only small amounts are eaten at a time, due to its salty/fishy taste. The most commonly found types are:



Caviar comes from the female fish. The fish is stunned, and the ovaries are extracted to collect the eggs. The eggs are called roe. There is a method that won’t kill the fish that is gaining in popularity. The eggs are treated with the salt brine and canned. It is perishable, so it will need to be kept in the refrigerator. Pasteurized content is of a less quality and taste, and some even say that the texture is different. It doesn’t require refrigeration until it is opened. While you have the background on caviar, did you know that these little eggs could be very beneficial to your health? Here are some things that you should know about these little, salty eggs.


1. A Single Gram Has Major Omega-3 Fatty Acids

It’s true. You can have optimal heart health by just eating one gram of Caviar each day. These acids help to reduce blood clotting, protect the arteries from hardening, and can help reduce your chance of a heart attack, stroke, or a clogged artery. Fascinatingly enough, they will also lower your blood pressure and triglycerides too. Just a single teaspoon of caviar can be effective. The American Heart Association puts their seal of approval on this fishy egg.

2. Caviar is Rich in Selenium

Selenium is a vital mineral the body needs. Inside, it pairs up with Vitamin E in the body. Together, they protect the cells from the damage that is caused by free radicals and other compounds. These compounds are the ones that lead to heart disease and in some cases, cancer. This mineral can boost the immune system and help to support overall cell growth.

3. It’s Loaded with B12

B12 makes red blood cells in the body. It is also a great help so that you can use your fatty acids properly. Many vegetarians and vegans don’t get enough of this necessary vitamin as it is water-soluble. However, caviar is loaded with B12, and it can help meet the daily consumption requirements.

4. Caviar is like Prozac

Seven out of ten people take antidepressants these days. However, some of them deal with horrible side effects to having their panic and anxiety under control. Did you know that caviar is as strong as Prozac? In fact, in a day’s gone by, caviar was prescribed to people who suffered from depression. Many people say their spirits lifted and they felt better after just one bite. Because it is so rich in omega 3’s, it may be the answer to those who don’t want to take pills.

5. It Can Be Used To Control Impotence

There is nothing worse for the male ego than being impotent. Almost every male will experience this problem at some point in their life. However, there are many studies that show that caviar can resolve this problem. Some doctors call it natural Viagra. There are no horrible side effects either.

Interesting Facts About Caviar

  • Caviar is one of the oldest delicacies around.

  • Its name literally means unfertilized salt-cured fish eggs. It’s definitely not cheap, but prices have dropped in recent years.

  • It was first harvested by the Russian and Persian fishermen.

  • More than 26 species of sturgeon are currently used for caviar. You will know an expensive caviar from a cheaper one by the physical characteristics.

  • Costly eggs are older, larger, and they have a lighter color.

  • Inexpensive caviar won't have as strong of a fish taste and will have a darker color. Most people start with the more inexpensive stuff to acquire a taste for it. Thankfully, it's not as overpowering.

  • The most expensive caviar on record is Almas. It sold for $35,000 per kilo, which came from an Iranian beluga sturgeon.

  • The fish was estimated to be 60 to 100-year-old.

  • When caviar first became a delicacy, the Russians preferred to put it on their potatoes. They were the ones who gave it the name "roe."

  • Today, you can find this special treat on pizza, pancakes, burgers, and even on ice cream. Once you acquire a taste for it, caviar can be a great addition to your daily or weekly regimen.

Nikolai Nikitenko
Nikolai Nikitenko


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