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Health Benefits of Alaskan Cod

August 31, 2017

Health Benefits of Alaskan Cod - Global Seafoods North America

What Are The Health Benefits Of Wild Caught Alaskan Cod?


Wild Alaskan Cod (also known as black cod and sablefish) is one of the best types of fish to include in your diet. It's also quite easy to eat plenty of it as it has savory, mild flavored flesh.

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Is Alaskan Cod Safe To Eat From The Wild?

  • It is generally low in mercury, and this means that its consumption is considered safe. As a result of being low in mercury, it can even be included in your diet during pregnancy. 
  • Is Alaskan Cod Healthy?
  • If you're wondering, "Is wild caught cod healthy?", the answer is a resounding yes. It's relatively low in calories. Furthermore, it contains a very small proportion of calories from fat. 
  • Wait, there's more. It contains omega-3 in sizable amounts, and there are other important nutrients contained within Alaskan Cod. Here is a breakdown of all the main black cod health benefits:


pacific cod

The omega-3 content of black cod is one of the most important black cod health benefits. Unlike some essential compounds, the body cannot make omega-3 fatty acids. The only way to get enough of it is to eat a diet that contains a significant amount of it. Omega 3 fatty acids can help to protect the brain from cognitive decline as a result of the aging process. It also can help to reduce your risk of some mental health conditions, such as depression.


This fatty acid can also help to reduce the symptoms of depression and bipolar disorder that are currently occurring. In addition, it can help to increase congitive functioning. It appears that this fatty acid has benefits for children who suffer from ADHD. Wait, there are even more reasons why this fatty acid is beneficial. It has substantial benefits for other areas of the body. For instance, it can reduce your risk of heart disease. This is because it reduces triglyceride levels. Furthermore, it's beneficial for those suffering from arthritis. It helps to reduce inflammation and can even make anti inflammatory drugs more effective. It also appears to be beneficial for those suffering from asthma. This is due to the fact that it reduces inflammation. This compound also can be beneficial for fetal development. It's particularly beneficial for neurological and visual development of the fetus.


The protein content is also among the most important black cod fish nutrition facts. There is around 16 grams of it in a 3 ounce fillet of Alaskan Cod. This is around a third of the recommended deily intake.It is essential for the body to repair itself. In addition, it is essential for the formation of cells. It's also necessary to form enzymes, hormones, and other substances that are necessary for the body's functioning.

pacific cod

It is even important for the body's creation of blood, and it's one of the most important nutrients during pregnancy. Furthermore, it can help to boost the functioning of your immune system. It is necessary for the body to be able to form antibodies to defend against bacteria and viruses. 

Vitamin B12:

Another one of the most important Sablefish nutrition facts is that it contains extremely large quantities of vitamin B12. There is 81% of the recommended daily intake of this vitamin in only 3 ounces of it. Here are some benefits of this vitamin:

It improves the functioning of nerves.

It removes amino acids and homocysteine from blood. This lowers your risk of heart disease.

It makes it possible for the body to develop red blood cells and hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is essential for the transportation of oxygen to cells.

Vitamin B-3:

Significant amounts of vitamin b-3 are also found in Alaskan Cod. Vitamin b-3 helps to improve digestive health, the functioning of nerves, and skin health. Another effect of vitamin B-3 is appetite control. Phosphorus:

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Alaskan Cod also contains significant amounts of phosphorus. Phosphorus is essential for bone health. In addition, it helps to ensure that the enamel on teeth remain healthy. It also improves the health of gums. Individuals who suffer from osteoporosis may see an improvement in their condition if they consume significant amounts of phosphorus. In addition, phosphorus helps to promote heart health.


Alaskan Cod contains significant amounts of pyridoxine. This material helps with the metabolism of a variety of nutrients.  Iron:

Alaskan Cod is rich in iron. Since iron is essential for the transport of oxygen throughout your body, cells throughout the body can benefit from iron. The benefits for the brain are particularly significant. In fact, the brain is estimated to use 20% of the body's oxygen supply. It can even help to prevent dementia and promote the formation of new pathways within the brain.

Pantothenic Acid:

Pantothenic acid can help to reduce your levels of stress, and there is a lot of it in Alaskan Cod. In addition, it can lessen depression and anxiety. It is able to do this because it reduces the levels of hormones that are associated with these conditions.

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pacific cod

Alaskan Cod contains sizable amounts of magnesium. This material can help to reduce tension in the muscles, especially back muscles. It also is important for the reduction of leg cramps. Furthermore, it can reduce stress on the kidneys. It's also important for bone health due to its effects on calcium metabolism.

Vitamin A:

Another one of the most important black cod fish nutrition facts is that it contains a significant amount of vitamin A. Vitamin A helps to promote eye health. It can help the eyes to create a larger amount of visual purple. Visual purple is a light sensitive receptor in the eye.

pacific cod

Vitamin A is able to prevent dry eyes, and it can prevent night blindness in some people. In addition, it reduces your chances of experiencing macular degeneration and cataracts. Many glaucoma patients have actually experienced a reduction of symptoms from vitamin A. 


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While choline is not a vitamin, its properties are very similar to vitamins. One of the most important Sablefish nutrition facts is that it contains significant amount of choline with 21% of your recommended deily intake in one serving. Choline helps to improve brain function, and it is a precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Furthermore, choline deficiencies are extremely common with 9 out of 10 people not getting enough of this essential nutrient. 


Selenium is an element that has a strong antioxidant effect. As a result, it can help to prevent a wide range of diseases. One serving of Alaskan Cod contains 58% of your recommended daily intake of selenium.  Iodine:

Alaskan Cod is rich in iodine, and the body cannot make this nutrient on its own. This material is necessary to make thyroid hormones.

pacific cod


Alaskan Cod contains a significant amount of this material, and it is necessary for the functioning of enzymes. Many important functions within the body require this material, such as the replication of DNA and RNA. However, there's another reason why molybdenum is important. Scientists are still researching the role in molybdenum in the body, and it's likely that it plays more roles in the body than are currently known. Here are some possible health benefits of molybdenum that are still being researched:

  • It may help to reduce your risk of cancer.
  • It may reduce inflammation.
  • It may help to reduce the symptoms of autoimmune diseases.


pacific cod

Potassium is an essential electrolyte, and Alaskan Cod contains a significant amount of it. This mineral helps to ensure that blood pressure remains within normal ranges. It also can lower your risk of heart disease and stroke. Is Wild Caught Cod Healthy Compared To Farm Raised Cod?


Consumption of wild caught Alaskan Cod is far healthier than farm raised cod. In fact, there often are less toxins contained in wild caught cod.  Is Alaskan Cod Safe To Eat If It Is Farm Raised But Deemed Mercury Safe? If farm raised Alaskan Cod is deemed mercury safe, it is perfectly safe to enjoy its mild flavored flesh.  Is Alaskan Cod Healthy If It Is Farm Raised And Mercury Safe? The fish is still considered to be healthy, but it isn't likely to be as nutrient rich as Alaskan Cod caught in the wild. In some cases, the difference in the amount of nutrients can be significant. Are There Risks Associated With Eating Too Much Of It? For most adults, it's generally considered to be safe in any amount. However, it's best for children to eat two servings of it per month or less due to risks from the traces of mercury found in it. Pregnant women also should limit their consumption of it.

Our Wild Caught Alaskan Cod:

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