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Live Scallops and Sustainability: How to Make a Difference

May 17, 2023

Live Scallops and Sustainability: How to Make a Difference

Live Scallops and Sustainability

Scallops are a beloved delicacy enjoyed by seafood enthusiasts worldwide. They are versatile and can be prepared in many ways, from seared and served as an appetizer to added to pasta dishes and chowders. However, with increased demand for seafood comes a responsibility to ensure that the seafood we consume is sustainable.

One way to make a difference in sustainable seafood practices is by choosing live scallops. Here’s why:

  1. Reduced Carbon Footprint

Live scallops have a much smaller carbon footprint than their frozen counterparts. Frozen scallops require transportation, processing, and freezing, which all contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. Choosing live scallops reduces these emissions and supports a more sustainable food system.

  1. Better Quality

Live scallops are fresher and of better quality than frozen scallops. Freezing scallops can alter their texture and flavor, resulting in a less enjoyable culinary experience. Choosing live scallops ensures that you are getting the freshest, highest quality scallops available.

  1. Support for Local Communities

Choosing live scallops from local fishermen supports local economies and communities. By purchasing from local fishermen, you are supporting sustainable fishing practices and helping to ensure the longevity of these practices.


Q: Where can I find live scallops?

A: Live scallops can often be found at your local seafood market or grocery store. You can also try contacting local fishermen or shellfish farms to see if they sell live scallops directly.

Q: How do I know if scallops are fresh?

A: Look for scallops that are firm, plump, and have a sweet, ocean-like smell. Fresh scallops should also have a slightly translucent appearance.

Q: How do I prepare live scallops?

A: Live scallops can be prepared in many ways, from searing to grilling to baking. One popular method is to sear them in a hot pan with butter and garlic until they are browned on both sides.


Choosing live scallops can make a significant difference in sustainable seafood practices. By reducing your carbon footprint, supporting local communities, and enjoying better quality seafood, you can make a positive impact on the environment and your culinary experience. So next time you’re craving scallops, choose live scallops and enjoy the freshest and most sustainable seafood available.

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