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Crab Health Benefits: 9 Reasons Why Eating Crab is Good

July 19, 2017

Eating Crab Is Good For You | GlobalSeafoods

Crab Health Benefits

Alaska Crab is one of the most popular seafood items with good reason. It is tasty and offers a number of health benefits:

  • ability to boost the immune system
  • increase cognition
  • protect your heart

If you are a seafood fan and enjoy dining on crab, you can enjoy a number of additional amazing health benefits that make it well worth a regular item on your dining menu.


About Benefits of Crab Meat


Crab is one of the most commonly caught animals in the sea, as well as one of the most popular. There are thousands of different species of the crustacean, but only a few are used as food. There are even fewer crab species that are raised in hatcheries for controlled cultivation. Because they are crustaceans, crabs have a hard exoskeleton and two claws.

While there are so many different types of crabs in the water and on land, Portunus trituberculatus is the specific species that you have most likely eaten. Each year, around 300,000 tons of this species of crabs are caught and they represent around 20 percent of all crabs caught and eaten around the world. 

Is Crab Meat Healthy?

In order to eat and enjoy delicious and nutritious crab meat, the crab’s exoskeleton must be cracked and separated. You may be surprised at the amount of meat inside and how very succulent it is, especially in some of the larger crab species.

Alaska Crab

Crab meat is found in a variety of menus around the world and in many different types of cuisine. However, it is a lot more than merely a delicious meal. Crab meat is full of a number of essential nutrients, minerals and fats needed by the human body for normal function. It is an excellent addition to your diet due to the vitamin B, selenium and omega-3 fatty acids it includes. There are even more health benefits you can reap when you consume crab. Health Benefits of Eating Crab Meat. There are a number of health benefits you can enjoy when you incorporate crab into your diet. Here are some of the most notable:


Promotes Bone Health

Everyone knows that calcium is crucial for bone health. After calcium, the next most important substance for the health of your bones is phosphorous, a mineral normally found in the human body. Crab meat contains a great deal of phosphorous, which is crucial for the health of the bones and teeth. As a result, crab is an excellent additive to the diet of anyone who has a family history of osteoporosis and is at a higher risk of developing it. Eating crab for the high phosphorous content is essential, especially if you want to maintain an active lifestyle as you get older.

Boosts Mental Activity

Crab meat is packed full of a number of nutrients, such as vitamin B2, selenium, copper and omega-3 fatty acids. These substances are excellent for the brain and can improve cognition and the overall function of your nervous system. Consuming crab on a weekly basis alone can benefit your brain by reducing inflammation and plaque.

Protects Your Heart

Alaska Crab

Crab meat is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which can keep your cholesterol levels balanced and reduce inflammation in the body, which can lower blood pressure and prevent heart problems like atherosclerosis. Your risk of heart attack and stroke is lowered as a result.

Eliminates Inflammation

In addition to omega-3 fatty acids, there are other nutrients and minerals found in crab meat that can reduce and even eliminate inflammation in the human body. Eating more crab can improve health problems such as arthritis, gastrointestinal issues and gout.

Aids the Immune System

Crab meat is full of antioxidants, which can help improve your immune system. Selenium and riboflavin are two key minerals it contains and they have been linked to improving the function of the immune system and protecting against chronic diseases. The antioxidants found in crab can also neutralize free radicals that can cause cells to mutate.

Alaska Crab

Detoxifies the Body

The levels of phosphorous found in crab meat can help improve the overall function of the kidneys and liver. This, in turn, allows for better and speedier release of toxins from the body. Additionally, the body can benefit from better metabolic efficiency as well.

Increases Circulation

Alaska Crab

Crab meat is rich in copper, a mineral that is usually overlooked but that contains a number of benefits for the human body. For instance, it helps to absorb iron in the stomach and helps to boost the production of red blood cells, which keeps the blood well oxygenated throughout the body. The copper in crab can also help promote faster healing and regrowth of cells following an illness or injury.

These are only a few of the great benefits you can enjoy from regularly eating crab meat. However, it’s important to know that crab is also high in sodium and cholesterol. If you have high cholesterol or suffer from a cardiovascular condition, be sure to speak with your doctor before incorporating it into your diet.


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